The Truth About The Bachelorette's Andrew Spencer

Andrew Spencer will be one of the contestants vying for Katie Thurston's heart on season 17 of The Bachelorette in summer 2021. Fans will get a double dose of The Bachelorette in 2021 because Michelle Young will star in season 18 of the reality TV franchise shortly after the conclusion of Katie's season. (Before we delve into Andrew's details, can we get a deep sigh of relief that Matt James' season of The Bachelor is done? Raise your hand if you are ready to get a new season of Bachelor Nation started so that we can wash away some of the bad vibes from Matt's season.)

According to reality TV's patron saint, Reality Steve, Katie's season began filming on March 19, 2021. Reality Steve shared some of the contestants early and ABC shared more via The Bachelorette's Facebook page. Y'all, we aren't gonna blue sky our initial view of Katie's season — overall, the contestants so far look like a mixed bag. Some of them seem like they might not be in it for Katie's heart, but their own claim to fame. In fact, a few of the guys are giving us flashbacks to Hannah Brown's season and dog food jingle singer Jed Wyatt! Noooooo!

Buckle in as we spill what we've learned so far about Andrew — he could be one of the contestants to watch!

Andrew Spencer is a football player from the Windy City

Andrew Spencer is 26 years old and from the Windy City suburb of Waukegan. Andrew plays football in the Austrian Football League, for the Dacia Vikings, in Vienna, Austria. Andrew told his team that he never expected to be selected for the show, and he has some lofty goals for his time on the series. "I want to convince and of course tell everyone there about Vienna and my second family here at the Vikings," he said, per the team website. "I am sure that I am the only candidate who plays American football overseas. Maybe that's what sets me apart from all the other 29 candidates." Let's give Andrew snaps for having a unique job in a beautiful city!

Another positive about Andrew-the-Viking comes from his Instagram, which has a bio reading, "No amount of money ever bought a sec of time." His zen quote could be a good match for season 17 bachelorette Katie Thurston, who brought a little fun to the season of Matt James. More importantly, she was a positive voice who stood up to the mean girls running rampant on The Bachelor.

Finally, Reality Steve reports Andrew is the cousin of Clay Harbor, who was a contestant on season 14 of The Bachelorette with Becca Kufrin. Depending on your view of season 14, this could be positive or negative. That said, Andrew seems to be a positive, outside-the-box contestant for Katie! We can't wait to learn more about him and some of the other contestants.