Dick Vitale's Net Worth: The ESPN Announcer Is Richer Than You Think

Legendary basketball sportscaster Dick Vitale has had a long and impressive career in a cutthroat industry. The opinionated announcer has become a fixture on ESPN and has entertained audiences for over four decades with his incredible knowledge of the game and notable "Vitale-ism" phrases, including "Maalox time" and "diaper dandy," which have become synonymous with the game.

Vitale's passion for basketball comes from his days as a coach. The 81-year-old climbed the ladder as a successful college basketball coach for seven years until the Detroit Pistons tapped him as their head coach. However, his dreams were cut short when he was axed after only one disappointing season. As he told The Ringer, "All of a sudden — bam! — November 8, 1979, I'm fired." Not even a month later, he was approached by ESPN to work as a sports broadcaster. Sportscasting reports that he wasn't sure if he wanted to switch up his career, but his wife, Lorraine McGrath, encouraged him to make the move.

The likable commentator shot to fame and soon became a household name. He has also become one of the most recognizable announcers in the industry, allowing him, like other well-compensated non-players in basketball, to command an impressive salary. In fact, Vitale's net worth may surprise you.

Dick Vitale's net worth may surprise you

According to ESPN Press Room, basketball commentator Dick Vitale once said, "I learned from my mom and dad, who didn't have a formal education but had doctorates of love. They told me that if you gave 110 percent all the time, a lot of beautiful things will happen. I may not always be right, but no one can ever accuse me of not having a genuine love and passion for whatever I do. And ESPN has been grateful enough to recognize this." Not only has the octogenarian had a dream job, but he's also been paid handsomely for his efforts.

Vitale has a cool net worth of $16 million, per Celebrity Net Worth. He rakes in approximately $3 million annually, according to the outlet. He also created another stream of income as an author of nine books. And the 81-year-old has no plans to stop working. "Age doesn't affect me right now," Vitale told The Ringer, in 2017, adding, "Mentally and physically and emotionally, it doesn't. What affects me is the perception by some people about age."