The Truth About Daisy Edgar-Jones' Ex-Boyfriend Tom Varey

The start of 2021 has brought about plenty of surprising splits and head-scratching new romances. Did anyone see Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles' relationship coming, or even guess Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley's engagement?! 

Well, it's about time now for one of 2020's on-screen romances to fall to the wayside. Normal People star Daisy Edgar-Jones once had a love story akin to a Sally Rooney novel, but now Edgar-Jones is flying solo. In February 2021, Edgar-Jones parted ways with her beau of two years, Tom Varey. 

The couple met on the set of the BBC3 show Pond Life in 2018, per Page Six. A source told the outlet that Edgar-Jones' rising career filming thriller Flesh and the highly-anticipated adaptation of Where the Crawdads Sing was the reason for the split. "They got on really well during lockdown last year, but they're both young and passionate about following their careers," the source revealed. "Daisy has been inundated with opportunities and feels she has to put them first, Tom's also really dedicated to his acting and wants the best for both of them." 

Regardless, the breakup is reportedly amicable. "They were sad they couldn't make it work, but are still close and there's no hard feelings," the source said. So who is Edgar-Jones' ex Varey? Keep scrolling to find out!

Tom Varey met Daisy Edgar-Jones on set

Daisy Edgar-Jones is making way for her star-studded career, but her ex-boyfriend Tom Varey similarly has new projects in the works. According to his IMDb page, Varey began acting in 2014 with TV series The Village. After a one-episode stint on Game of Thrones, Varey moved on to series Ackley Bridge and No Offence. He met Edgar-Jones in 2018 (on the set of Pond Life), and currently, Varey is in post-production on a new show Ridley Road.

Tom Varey is a private person, but Edgar-Jones did reveal a bit about their relationship while discussing the steamy love scenes on Normal People. "He was gritting his teeth the whole time, but at least he's seen it now," Edgar-Jones told the Evening Standard.

Edgar-Jones also opened up to the Daily Mail, saying that even though Varey would "rather not watch" the intimate scenes, he did find "the series very beautiful." And, it seems both Daisy Edgar-Jones and Tom Varey are on to make more beautiful series, albeit without one another by their side.