Why Brie Bella Admits Its Hard To Look In The Mirror

Brie Bella has become a household name thanks to her WWE career with her twin sister, Nikki Bella. The two share nearly all aspects of their lives in front of the camera on their hit show Total Bellas (including Nikki's highly publicized relationship with ex John Cena). Brie has settled down into a much calmer life and is the now proud mother of two beautiful kiddos. She and WWE SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan welcomed daughter Birdie Joe Danielson in May 2017, per People. The twins also have a clothing line, Birdie Bee, after Brie's first bundle of joy.

In August 2020, Brie announced the arrival of son Buddy Dessert Danielson on her Instagram page. "We are overwhelmed with joy, and everyone is healthy!!!" she wrote alongside a single blue heart. In total twin fashion, baby Buddy was born just a day after Nikki gave birth to son Matteo (per People). "I kinda feel like I was in a dream," Nikki gushed. "Like, an out-of-body experience, yeah. It was so incredible. ... It just made everything come together. It's kind of like a perfect ending being in Phoenix because we got to have our babies together, what we always wanted. It was so special." 

Brie regularly shares photos of her adorable children on social media, and her fans love it. The reality star also gets candid about motherhood from time to time. But why does Brie find it hard to look in the mirror right now? Keep scrolling to find out more. 

Brie Bella shows off her postpartum body

The toll that motherhood takes does not discriminate against celebrities. Just ask Brie Bella. The mother of two shared an authentic post on her Instagram feed in March 2021. The selfie-style shot captured Brie in a black outfit that included a deep V-neck tank top that she rolled so her abs were exposed. Brie paired the look with black pants that cut off near her upper thigh. Included in the shot was the reality star's postpartum belly, imperfections and all. The Total Bellas star shared a lengthy caption to go along with the post. "The more baby weight I lose the more my treasure marks from Buddy are showing up," she shared.

Brie went on to say that, after her second C-section, she is working hard to get her abs back, revealing that it is hard to look in the mirror at times. "Sometimes it's hard for me to look in the mirror and see my body," she wrote. "I always tell myself to be kind and grateful but I'm human so picking myself apart happens." Later in the post, she plugged her latest business venture with sister Nikki Bella — Nicole + Brizee body and hair products to empower women.

Fans made sure to let Brie know that she looks wonderful in their eyes, and her post earned hundreds of comments, including one from sister Nikki. "I have a truly incredible twin sister," she wrote before thanking Brie for being so open and honest. How sweet