Who Is The Raccoon On The Masked Singer?

The Masked Singer is one of the most popular reality singing competitions on TV because it involves an incredible amount of audience participation. Not only do viewers get serenaded by super entertaining performances each week, they also get to become detectives, looking at clue packages and other information to try and determine just which celeb is behind the mask.

Going into Season 5 — which premiered on March 10 — The Masked Singer changed it up a bit, adding in a few twists to make the show even better. While there is a new host for the first half of the season (the show's usual host, Nick Cannon, tested positive for COVID-19 before production started but is said to be back for the second half of the season, per Entertainment Tonight), the show also introduced Cluedle-Doo, an unknown celebrity in a rooster costume who is there to provide clues, but also throw guesses off.

One of the most impressive singers of the new season is Raccoon. While they may not be as talented as some of the other contestants, they are nevertheless noteworthy because of their gravelly, deep voice that seems to rock.

So just who is behind the mask?

The internet is pretty confident with their choice

Although there are a few different masked celebs who are hard to determine (like the Snail — who would have guessed that?) the internet as a whole seems fairly confident in their choice about Raccoon. Most people online think it's actor Danny Trejo, known for his work in Con Air and Desperado, among many other films. Many fans point to Raccoon's first clue package as reasons why they believe Trejo is under the mask. First, Racoon seems to have spent time behind bars — and so has Trejo. According to Entertainment Weekly, the clue package's reference to The Hunchback of Notre Dame also points to the actor. He has previously shared that when he was in solitary confinement, he read the novel to help keep his mind. 

There are a few other hints as well. The second involves Raccoon's statement about doing good and a promise to God. Trejo has pointed to God in helping him turn his life around. There is also the glowing donut in the beginning of the clip, which could be referring to one of the many restaurants the actor owns, Trejo's Coffee & Donuts. A clue could also be found in his outfit. While the costumes aren't always indicative of who is behind the mask, they sometimes are, and Raccoon seems to fall into that second instance. The costume not only sports a California license plate on its hat (Trejo's home state) it also is wearing a cowboy outfit, which is reminiscent of the actor's iconic role in Machete.

The Raccoon could be someone else

One of the most iconic parts of Raccoon is their gravelly voice, which is another reason the internet thinks the character could be Danny Trejo. However, he isn't the only person in Hollywood with such a sound. Some others believe Raccoon could be none other than Brian Johnson, as reported in Good Housekeeping. Johnson may not be a household name for everybody, but you've probably heard him sing at least once. He's the lead vocalist of the rock group AC/DC and has lent his sound to Back in Black, which could be what was being hinted at by the Man in Black carrying the donut.

Raccoon could also be a repeat contestant. Although a celebrity has never appeared on The Masked Singer for multiple seasons, Joel McHale (the guest judge on Raccoon's second episode) points to the singer's gravelly voice and guesses it's Mickey Rourke, who has come back to haunt him. Rourke famously unmasked himself in Season 4, as reported by Entertainment Tonight.