What Wyatt Russell's Relationship Is Like With His Famous Parents

Falcon and The Winter Soldier star Wyatt Russell may be picking up Captain America's shield, but in real life Russell is following in the footsteps of his very famous family. 

Russell came onto the Hollywood scene as a Big Lebowski 2.0 with a laidback surfer attitude, but no, The Dude (Jeff Bridges) is not Russell's famous pop. "I look more like Jeff Bridges than I look my dad," the Lodge 49 star joked to The New York Post in August 2018

Russell didn't begin acting until age 24, after he hung up his skates as a professional hockey player in 2010, per NHL Network. "My parents are actors and never brought work home. I didn't even know what they did until I was about 10 years old. We never talked about it," Russell admitted. He also revealed that he doesn't want to be compared to his parents' respective acting careers. So who are Russell's famous folks, and how close are they? Keep scrolling to find out!

Wyatt Russell is close with parents Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

Talk about an A-list family! Wyatt Russell calls screen icons Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell mom and dad and Kate Hudson a half-sister. Hawn is also a proud "glam ma" to Russell's first child with wife Meredith Hagner, according to PeopleRussell is the only child between Hawn and Kurt, with Boston Russell and Kate and Oliver Hudson rounding out the iconic clan. The blended family even virtually attended the 2021 Golden Globe Awards together!

Fans best know Russell from films 22 Jump Street, Ingrid Goes West, and Shimmer Lake. He also stars as a seductive tenant in the highly anticipated mystery The Woman in the Window, according to IMDb. Despite Russell's success, he still urges viewers to look past his famous parents. "How people react to you is not how people react to your parents," Russell told The New York Post. "[My family background] helped, of course, because my parents are good people — but it didn't help me to think about what they would have done...They're not in my shoes and I'm not in theirs." 

It's safe to say acting was Russell's backup profession; he was forced to quit hockey after a hip injury, per Cheat SheetYet Russell always looked up to his parents: "They did a really good job of making us understand that what you get is earned, not given, and that there's reward in earning it," Russell revealed to the Off Camera podcast. Aww!