Who Is Falynn Guobadia From The Real Housewives Of Atlanta?

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Falynn Guobadia has already made a splash on the hit Bravo series. From her iconic Halloween costumes to her lavish lifestyle, Falynn quickly became a fan favorite. Per the Daily MailFalynn is close pals with Porsha Williams but can't stop butting heads with LaToya Ali. LaToya even ridiculed Falynn, a mother of three, for marrying an older man in 2019. No wonder Falynn threatened her with a golf club at a party! 

"Simon [Guobadia] was the first man that I ever dated that was much older than me, let alone marry. You can't help who God had set up for you. You can't help who you fall in love with. Simon and I make a perfect duo," Falynn told The Peach Report (via Atlanta Black Star) in response to LaToya's comments. "I am a very strong and very independent woman. I have been through the grunge in life, and I survived. So, naturally, when I meet a man of a certain stature, that's going to be attractive to a very secure man." 

Socialite Falynn joined RHOA in 2021 for the show's 13th season, as reported by The Sun. So who really is Falynn? Keep scrolling to find out! 

Falynn Guobadia is a proud mother and influencer

Falynn Guobadia may be best known as Mrs. Simon Guobadia, who is the founder and CEO of petroleum supplier SIMCOL Group. Simon also is a film producer, restaurateur, and father to five children from a prior marriage. 

Prior to marrying Simon, Falynn had two sons from a previous relationship, making her a "teen mom" according to her website. An influencer-slash-model, Falynn has collaborated with brands like Biolyte, Pretty Little Thing, and Bfyne for ad campaigns. As for her personal life, the Thai-Cape Verdean beauty lists herself as "second oldest of 10" kids and an aspiring singer. 

On top of all that, Falynn clapped back at Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star LaToya Ali's questioning of her career on social media. "Well since I have some time today... I own a petroleum logistics company that I started before the age of 30," Falynn responded, as reported by Atlanta Black Star. "I am a real estate investor. I paint abstract art. I carry a successful BLACK man's legacy. I raise my BLACK husband's BLACK sons." 

Falynn certainly is a versatile professional!