What You Don't Know About Lisa Vanderpump's Husband Ken Todd

"The crown is heavy, darlings. So just leave it where it belongs." 

Former RHOBH Queen Bee Lisa Vanderpump burst onto the Bravo scene in 2010 when the inaugural episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiered. Soon after, Lisa and her entire family, including husband Ken Todd and their precious Pomeranian, Giggy (RIP), became fan favorites. 

Over time, as the show progressed, viewers got a closer look at Lisa and Ken's happy union, but many still wondered what their secret was to a longstanding marriage in Beverly Hills. When asked what she thought the key to a successful marriage was, Lisa was adamant that it had every bit to do with the partner you choose. "Obviously things have changed in my life, especially in the last eight, nine years, since I was catapulted into the spotlight of reality television. I think that having that support as a partner is really an integral part of your security, when you have someone with you, like he's here with me today," she told Bravo's The Daily Dish.

But what else is there to know about the man that holds the key to LVP's heart? Keep reading after the jump to find out!

Ken Todd hails from humble beginnings

To quote Ken Todd's wife, Lisa Vanderpump, "Life isn't all diamonds and Rosé... but it should be." There's no doubt that Ken has grown accustomed to an affluent lifestyle that affords him many perks including beautiful homes, luxury cars and swanky vacations, but it hasn't always been that way for the self-made business mogul.

"Life was hard at the beginning. But with sheer tenacity and some sort of innovative business sense, he created a life for his family (including his parents) that otherwise they wouldn't have had," Lisa gushed about her husband's work ethic and subsequent success in a cast blog

As it turns out, it appears his work ethic and willingness to include her in business dealings are some of the traits that Lisa admires about Ken the most. "You know the greatest gift Ken Todd ever gave me? He was 16 years older than me and he met me halfway on everything. He never put me down, he never belittled me, he would take me to meetings and ask my opinion," Lisa dished on an episode of Stassi Schroeder's now defunct podcast, Straight Up With Stassi (via Bravo TV).

Ken Todd has been married before

Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd's love story reads like a fairy tale — but make no mistake, it's not without its own twists and turns.

As reported by Bravo TV, Ken was previously married to a woman by the name of Pamela Todd before he met and fell in love with Lisa during a whirlwind courtship. According to Ken, however his first marriage "didn't last very long," and although the couple's union proved to be short and sweet they did welcome a son named Warren into the world in 1966. 

During a blog post for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa explained that she met Todd when Warren was 15 years old and she was 21. According to Lisa, Ken divulged right off the bat that he had a son and had been previously married to a woman who was ill-equipped to handle the pressures of motherhood, so he then fought for custody and raised their son by himself. "He worked many jobs laboring, night jobs, anything to provide for his son, and, with the help of his mother, he raised an educated, well-mannered young man," she penned in the blog post. She then went on to add, "Warren is very much his fathers son — ambitious, incredibly family oriented, and someone to be proud of." Those sound like sentiments from a very proud stepmother, indeed!

Ken Todd hasn't always been 'husband material'

Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd have been married for 38 years, or "13,870 days" as Lisa described in a sentimental yet playful tweet.

But while Ken may appear to be the picture-perfect example of "husband material," LVP is quick to remind viewers and fans that he hasn't always been that way. "He was wrong for me in every sense of the word. He was 16 years older than me. He was a playboy, running around town with his trousers 'round his ankles," Lisa shockingly revealed during an interview with Stassi Schroeder, per Bravo TV.

Fortunately for Lisa, she was able to whip Ken into shape and mold him into the man she wanted him to become. During an episode of Bravo's After Show, Lisa empathized with Brittany Cartwright about falling for a wayward man. "I married a rascal as well," she confided. "He was 36 when he married me, so I've seen a leopard can change his spots. But it's still him. I mean, Jax is always going to be Jax. Is he going to keep his trousers up? I hope so, but he's always going to be Jax..." she continued. "Ken has really been committed to me, committed to our life and our happiness, that's made him change."

Hey, maybe there's hope for Jax Taylor, after all.

Ken Todd isn't afraid to get in on the drama

While Lisa Vanderpump is no stranger to the drama that comes with being a Real Housewife, it may come as a surprise that her husband Ken Todd isn't above getting his hands dirty as well. Many times, Ken has jumped right into the proverbial Housewives ring, willing to defend his wife's honor in a moment's notice. Lest we forget the famous line that launched a thousand memes... "GOODBYE, KYLE."

Ken was simply a bystander in his own kitchen when his wife and former castmate and friend Kyle Richards started duking it out about the infamous #puppygatescandal involving Dorit Kemsley and her estranged rescue puppy, Lucy Lucy Apple Juice. But as tensions mounted somewhere along the way, Ken felt the need to defend his bride. "You're not her friend," he shouted at Kyle (via People). "You're supposed to be her friend. You cannot be her friend when you say something like that. She would never say that about you. You're a f**ing liar and you're not my friend or her friend. So you get out. Please go. Please go. Join the gang ... ganging up on her. ... Twelve years of friendship, done!" he bellowed.

And while it doesn't appear that Ken regrets coming to Lisa's defense, he is aware of his tone. "I must admit, I was a bit strong," Todd confessed to Lisa later in the show. "But when she starts picking on you like that, I just saw red," the loyal husband admitted. 

Ken Todd moonlights as James' Kennedy's manager

It appears Ken Todd wears many hats: devoted husband, successful businessman, and... DJ James Kennedy's music manager? UM, WUT?!

As reported by Bravo TV, Ken now moonlights as a music manager, gently guiding James in the right direction, and let's be honest, James could definitely use some guidance. During an episode of Bravo's After Show James disclosed that LVP's hubby was indeed serving as his music manager — but that's not all! Apparently, James has also worked with another member of the Vanderpump/Todd squad. "I've done stuff with Maxwell Todd," he revealed. "Lisa's son will be featured on my album. Max is actually one of the most talented guitar players I've ever met in my life," James emanated.

As you may recall, both Lisa and Todd have stepped in and mentored James as he navigates a healthy and sober lifestyle in West Hollywood. Not exactly an easy feat, especially when you work as a DJ in some of LA's hottest nightclubs. While this is certainly no PK Kemsley managing Boy George type of situation, one can't help but wonder... are these two headed straight to the top of the music industry – together?