90 Day Fiance: The Truth About Natalie Mordovtseva's Ex-Husband

Hit TLC franchise 90 Day Fiancé captures the love affairs of international engaged couples. Yet most stars have had previous relationships — some with a similar culture clash twist. Take Season 8 returning cast member Rebecca Parrott, who is engaged to Tunisian beau Zied Hakimi. Zied is her fourth (!) marriage, according to Screen Rant, which makes her love life almost as dramatic as her acting career! 

Thus, it's no surprise that Ukrainian beauty Natalie Mordovtseva similarly had has an ex-husband — except she constantly compares current fiancé Mike Youngquist to her stellar ex. From insulting Mike's "low class" lifestyle (via YouTube) to even ignoring his statement that he's not in love with her anymore (via YouTube), Natalie has chipped away at their relationship. Seems like a second divorce may be in Natalie's future! She just has to make it down the aisle with Mike first ... which now seems unlikely, as Mike has called off the wedding (via YouTube). 

So who is her first husband and why did they call it quits? Keep scrolling to find out! 

Natalie Mordovtseva was actually married twice before

Natalie Mordovtseva has been open about her heartbreak following her previous marriages. Yep, that's right, plural. Per Screen Rant, Natalie has not one but two ex-husbands. She only mentions one of them — her second — on 90 Day Fiancé, however. Natalie gushed about how her ex was committed to fitness and was an army veteran, but according to In Touch Weeklyhis career took a toll on their relationship. "Because of his work, he used to travel a lot," Natalie revealed in Season 7. "But after eight years ... we didn't have kids. I realized it's not what I really want. I want to have a child, I want to have a family, and when I left him it was hard. But I understood that it's the right decision." 

Before her unnamed workout guru ex-husband, Natalie was married to Cypriot businessman Zenon Pierides. According to Screen Rant, fan account "90DayTheMelanatedWay wrote about the 90 Day Fiancé star leaving him and moving back to Ukraine after he filed for bankruptcy."

Despite Natalie's dramatic canceled wedding to Mike, it does seem like she's found her third husband. According to Screen Rantthe couple did in fact legally wed in April 2020. Maybe the third time's the charm!