Where Does Bling Empire's Kim Lee Live And How Big Is Her House?

DJ Kim Lee took fans for a spin (pun intended) on the Season 1 of Netflix's Bling Empire, getting into it with cast-member Anna Shay over a certain type of "pump" she found in Anna's mansion, as well as going on an emotional journey to locate her own birth father. In other words, she makes great TV. So where does Kim actually live, and how big is her house?

Hailed as a "Selling Sunset meets Crazy Rich Asians" (per O, The Oprah Magazine), Bling Empire follows a group of super-wealthy pals of Asian descent in Los Angeles, Calif., as they shop, party-hop, and shop some more. Debuting in January 2021, the kooky and designer-drenched reality show hit the Top 10 within a matter of weeks, per Forbes. And it couldn't have happened without its close-knit and extravagant cast-members, who are as watchable as they are wealthy. Kim Lee grounds the series with her serious search to find her birth father (according to The Oprah Magazine, Kim was raised by her Vietnamese mother in Los Angeles, Calif. and even attended a specialized school for DJs, per Screen Rant). And along with the tea-spilling Kane Lim and hilariously mysterious Anna Shay, we definitely want to see more of her if (when) Season 2 comes. 

Given the fact that Kim Lee has 927k Instagram followers, and as Kane Lim tells us, is a huge DJ overseas, she's definitely living a lavish life off-screen. Scroll down to find out where she lives.

Kim Lee lives in a mansion with her parents

So where does Kim Lee call home? The multi-talented musician is doing well financially, and she's living large with her parents. 

Before we get into real estate, it's worth noting Kim has a net worth of $10 million, per The Cinemaholic. Per Distractify, she's also been in the spotlight before. Kim was named FHM Asia's Sexiest Woman Alive in 2011, and has appeared in films like The Hangover Part II, Jack and Jill, and the series Entourage. She's also starred on The Amazing Race Vietnam and Vietnam's Got Talent, according to Oprah Magazine, as well as appearing in music videos for Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco, and touring with huge acts like Cardi B as a DJ. Her resume is impressive, and so is her house—err, parents' house. 

Kim Lee lives in a Malibu, Calif. mansion (as we see in the show) with her parents, Kimmy and stepdad Dan Segal. According to House Beautiful, the "incredible" coastal mansion is worth around $4.2 million, and is situated on "one of the most gorgeous spots in California." Sheesh! Per the outlet, the Mediterranean-style home has five bedrooms, four bathrooms and spans 3,085 square feet. It "was built in 1929 on over an acre of property" and features "incredible sunrise to sunset whitewater ocean views and is a short 5-minute walk to the beach," as well as a pool. 

Why should Kim Lee move out — this sounds like an Instagrammer's paradise!