The Truth About Rick Harrison's Kids

There's something about working with your family that is bound to cause drama. That's the basis of just about every reality show, from Keeping Up With the Kardashians to Toddlers in Tiaras. Take Pawn Stars, for example, a long-running reality show on Discovery Channel.

Pawn Stars revolves around the Harrison family business of running a trendy pawn shop in Las Vegas. Each episode follows the same storyline. Three or four customers come to the shop with historically or culturally significant objects. Then, the owners give a bit of history and decided whether or not to buy the pieces. Interspersed with history lessons is a bit of drama between Rick Harrison, his dad Richard Harrison (who died in 2018), family friend Chumlee, and occasionally Rick's kids.

Rick has been married three times, and all in all, he has three sons. His eldest, Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison, occasionally appears on the show. What about the other kids, though? What's their deal? Let's investigate.

Rick Harrison's kids take after him

Rick Harrison's son, Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison might have taken after his dad and grandfather by being part of the family business. Still, Rick's other two sons, Adam and Jake, definitely didn't. 

Adam has appeared on the show a few times, but never chose to pursue a career in pawning or reality TV. He got his start working at the pawnshop but quickly decided that his real passion was plumbing. These days Adam lives in Las Vegas, near the rest of the family, but it's unlikely you'll see him around the shop. Adam runs his own plumbing business around Las Vegas, per Celebrity Mirror.

That brings us to Rick's third son, Jake. Jake is much younger than his two older brothers, so he hasn't had to make a decision about whether or not to join Rick in the family business yet. He does, however, take after his father in one important way. Jake and Rick are both hardcore Republicans. Jake and Rick were photographed attending a Trump fundraiser back in 2018, per Las Vegas Review Journal

For his part, Corey and Rick are very close. Not only do they share an interest in pawning and historical objects (and appearing on reality TV), but they also co-own the business together. Furthermore, their personal lives have turned out to be quite similar. Just like dad, Corey has been married more than once and even has his own son who might just follow in the family business too, per Celebrity Mirror.