Kendra Wilkinson Gets Honest About Her Split From Hank Baskett

Andy Cohen is the godfather of reality TV and he knows it. This is why he launched a docuseries called For Real: The Story of Reality TV, which premiered on E! on March 25, 2021.

In the series, Cohen looks back at major moments in some of the most influential reality TV shows that shaped our contemporary sense of the genre. Obviously, he chats with the Kardashian family, the Osbourne family, and stars from Bachelor Nation. During the series, Cohen also names Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice as the greatest reality star of all time. "I think if you look at the trajectory of what [she's] been through in front of our cameras, that's pretty amazing," Cohen said, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Cohen also covered the story of Playboy's Kendra Wilkinson, who has gone from appearing in The Girls Next Door, to WE tv's Kendra on Top, and Dancing With the Stars Season 12. All of this exposure has left her with an amazing net worth, too. But Cohen's For Real series captured the darker truth of Wilkinson's relationship with husband, Hank Baskett. Here's what was revealed.

Kendra Wilkinson said sharing her private life caused 'a lot of heartache'

On Andy Cohen's docuseries For Real: The Story of Reality TV, Kendra Wilkinson got candid about the difficulties in her marriage with Hank Baskett. In her reality show, Kendra on Top, Wilkinson explained that their intention was to create a comedy about married life. Instead, the show captured reality in its truest sense. Wilkinson endured postpartum depression, a car accident, a hemorrhagic stroke, and marital infidelity (on the part of Baskett), and the ultimate end of their marriage, per Heavy.

What happened was that, in 2014, Baskett had an affair with transgender model Ava Sabrina London while Wilkinson was eight months pregnant, according to People. Wilkinson and Baskett joined WE tv's Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars in addition to getting therapy, but they ended up divorcing. On For Real, Wilkinson said that the filming of those events was really hard on her. "I'm very open and unfiltered," Wilkinson said, "which is good for TV but it definitely caused a lot of heartache and a lot of problems."

On a positive note, Wilkinson added: "Me and my ex-husband have so much love for our kids that we chose to shut the cameras off during our divorce. We both had to do a lot of healing."