The Truth About Selma Blair's Ex-Husband

Selma Blair is quite the accomplished actor, with roles in Legally Blonde, the Hellboy franchise, and Cruel Intentions, to name a few. The star made her mark on Hollywood, and continues to be vocal about her struggles with multiple sclerosis since her diagnosis in August 2018 (via Prevention). Blair may appear confident now, but there was a moment when she knew her life changed forever.

She described when she felt her left leg go numb before Christian Siriano's fashion show, but had to get out on the runway. "When I first stepped out. I couldn't feel the ground or how to lift my left leg," she recalled on Instagram. "My brain was trying to compute. As I walked the runway, stunned." Despite the difficulties, Blair was feeling herself, and couldn't wait to do it all over again.

Before the diagnosis, Blair was on the fast track to becoming a superstar and found love with Ahmet Zappa, a musically inclined actor. Keep reading for more details on the former couple's marriage.

Selma Blair's ex-husband Ahmet Zappa is no stranger to Hollywood

Selma Blair and Ahmet Zappa tied the knot at Carrie Fisher's Beverly Hills estate on Jan. 24, 2004, according to E! News. Zappa announced the engagement on Sept. 19, 2003 on the Friendster website, and wrote, "I'm getting married...she said yes. I'm so happy. Love az." That's one way to shout it from the rooftops.

Zappa bopped around in Hollywood, and it seemed like he wanted his presence to be known everywhere he went. He was a judge on Star Search and lent his talents to Hollywood Squares, and sang on some of Dweezil's albums. The actor landed a few guest spots on shows like the New Tom Green Show, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, Roseanne, and Growing Pains (via IMDb). And he starred in Pump Up the Volume, the only film credit to his name.

Zappa and Blair were married from 2004-2006, and divorced in 2006 due to irreconcilable differences, according to People. Blair was the one who served her ex-husband with divorce papers, and both declined spousal support. Who knows what else was in that confidential settlement!