Brooke Shields Shares Eye-Opening Hospital Photos From Her Accident

Brooke Shields is on the mend. The actor is recovering from a horrifying accident at a New York City gym in January 2021. She broke her right femur, according to the Daily Mail, due to a fall from a balance board where she landed incorrectly on her leg. Shields knew this was not an average gym mishap, and described her out-of-body experience when she realized what was happening.

"It felt like it was all in slow motion. And then I just started screaming," she told People. "Sounds came out that I've never heard before." The 55-year-old panicked when EMTs arrived and said to herself, "I can feel my toes" because she was terrified of never walking again.

Her hospital stay included surgery to insert two metal rods into her hips, but another operation was needed when a portion of her right femur was out of place. Five more rods and a metal plate were added to stabilize her. Shields went home after two and half weeks, but had to return after she developed a staph infection, Daily Mail reported.

Now that she is finally home, Brooke Shields' recovery is just beginning. Keep reading for more details on her journey.

Brooke Shields had to cut down on physical therapy

Brooke Shields took to Instagram to share photos of her time in the hospital, and it's obvious she had quite the ordeal. We can see her arm and leg wrapped in bandages, and she even shared a clip of what appears to be some physical therapy, via Daily Mail. At least she made the gown look good!

The actor is eager to get back on her feet ASAP, but quickly realized her initial request for physical therapy twice a day was too much. "For the first time in my entire life, I thought, 'I can't power through this,' " she said. "I can't even stand on my leg or go up a step. I need to relearn how to even walk. The feeling of helplessness is shocking." 

Shields knows she has a long road ahead of her, but she is not worried, telling People, "If anything, I'm a fighter." We know she will be serving looks on the streets of New York City very soon.