Armie Hammer Officially Dropped From His Last Planned Movie

The following article includes allegations of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Armie Hammer has been the subject of relentless speculation and media attention in 2021, but it's not for desirable reasons. It all started in January 2021, when an Instagram user shared alleged messages from Hammer (which, as of this writing, remain unverified) that detailed cannibalism, drinking blood, and other violent sexual fantasies, per Insider

As time went on, Hammer began to quit or get booted from upcoming projects, including the film Shotgun Wedding which he was slated to star in alongside Jennifer Lopez. At the time, Hammer insisted that it was his decision to step down from the film amid the rumors, though things would only get worse from there. After the alleged Instagram messages leaked, a woman named Courtney Vucekovich, one of Hammer's ex-girlfriends, detailed a harrowing experience to Page SixAs more and more allegations mounted against the Call Me By Your Name star, he was dropped from more projects, including the upcoming TV series The Offer.

On March 18, 2021, a woman identified as Effie stepped forward and accused Hammer of raping her in 2017, and the LAPD have confirmed that he is a suspect in the investigation, according to People. In the aftermath of the alleged messages, accounts from ex-girlfriends, and accusations of sexual assault, Hammer has officially been dropped from the last remaining project on his schedule.

Armie Hammer got booted from an upcoming Cold War thriller

As Armie Hammer continues to live in the aftermath of his alleged sexual misconduct, his career continues to take hit after hit. After losing roles in several projects like Shotgun Wedding and The Offer, Variety confirmed that the actor has been dropped from the last remaining film on his schedule: Billion Dollar Spy. Hammer was slated to star alongside Mads Mikkelsen in the Cold War thriller, making the production just one of many to cut ties with the disgraced actor. 

With no films on his schedule, many are wondering if Hammer will ever make a return to the big screen. As Variety notes, the only project that could potentially be on his radar is a Call Me By Your Name sequel, which many fans have yearned for since the original film dropped in 2017. While both the actors and filmmaker have expressed interest in a sequel, it seems unlikely given the ongoing allegations against Hammer. 

Aside from his initial statement after leaving Shotgun Wedding, as of this writing, Hammer himself has not commented on any other allegations or film departures, though his lawyer did release a statement denying any wrongdoing on Hammer's end (via ABC News). 

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