The Untold Truth Of The Try Guys' Keith Habersberger

Keith Habersberger may not be an A-list celebrity, but if you regularly spend time watching videos on YouTube, then you might recognize his name. One of the four members of The Try Guys — along with Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang — Habersberger first found online fame while working at BuzzFeed. That's where the foursome began releasing wildly popular videos that saw them doing things like getting makeovers from high school girls, raising robot babies, and recreating Korean drama scenes. The group has continued to find success after striking out on their own, including creating their own YouTube channel and earning over 7.54 million subscribers, as of this writing. 

As for Habersberger, he was seemingly prepared for a life that involved keeping audiences entertained. Born in Carthage, Tenn. back in June 1987, per IMDb, Keith Douglas Habersberger moved to Illinois to finish off his schooling. An Illinois State University graduate, the student who went on to be a star left in 2008 after he'd earned a degree from the School of Theatre and Dance. "I went to college for acting, but I really just love performing," he explained during an interview with his alma mater. "As long as I am performing in some capacity, I'm happy."

Granted, there's much more to this online celebrity than just growing up to be a performer. Check out the following facts about Habersberger that you might not have been aware of.

This YouTube star's career didn't begin with The Try Guys

Many of Keith Habersberger's fans may have first come across his online offerings during his time at BuzzFeed. However, even before he became a member of The Try Guys, Habersberger had already kickstarted his career.

After graduating from Illinois State University, the school notes that Habersberger joined Chicago's Mission Improvable, which is "the most booked improv comedy group in the nation," according to IMDb. The performer spent four years with the group while also taking the stage with an improv act called Octavarius. On top of that, he was the producer behind Chicago Improv Festival Productions' College Improv Tournament. It was also around that time that the quirky character proved that he had what it took to make entertaining (if incredibly weird) videos.

Along with Habersberger's other creative endeavors, he "started learning video production to help create I Made America (a webseries made by Octavarius about the Founding Fathers coming to the year 2012 and experiencing America)." On top of that, he "did some babysitting to fill in the gaps of his finances." That latter gig might not be too surprising considering the fact that Habersberger seems to adore little ones, especially those in his family.

Keith Habersberger is a son, a brother, and an uncle

Keith Habersberger may be associated with the three other members of The Try Guys, however, he's also a member of another exclusive group: the Habersberger family. The son of Donald and Patricia Habersberger, Keith's parents seem to be pretty darn proud of their son. That's surely why his mom has taken to Instagram to share a photo of herself and her husband attending a 2019 show starring The Try Guys. She's also posted a pic of herself holding up "The Try Guys book ... in Barnes and Noble." (How adorable and awesome are supportive moms?!)

We're sure Donald and Patricia are just as proud of their other two sons — Keith's brothers, Dave and Brian. While Patricia wished her boys a "Happy siblings day" in 2019 by posting a relatively recent image of the trio, Keith used the occasion in 2020 to pop up a throwback photo of the siblings as children. He added, "It's #nationalsiblingday so here's a photo of the Habersbrothers. I'm the idiot in the middle."

Of course, those aren't the only members of the family. Keith is also an uncle and proudly posts about both his niece and his nephew. On top of that, he shares plenty of pics of someone who happens to be very special to the star.

This Try Guy knew his wife for years before they dated

If you've watched The Try Guys' videos, then you likely know that their significant others occasionally appear. That includes Keither Habersberger's wife, Becky. While they're happily married now, Keith took to Instagram on Valentine's Day in 2020 to post an older photo of the couple, writing, "This is the first picture @becksmecks2 and I ever took together. ... We wouldn't date until 3 years after this."

It may not have been love at first sight, but when they tied the knot in 2017, they appeared to be pretty darn smitten. "Yesterday was the most fun," Keith wrote of their wedding. "Ecstatic to be married to this beautiful and wonderful woman." They seemed to be just as happy on their first anniversary, as well as their second, when Keith noted, "2 years of marriage down, estimated 70 years to go... unless technology advances, in which case we'll be married forever."

They may indeed enjoy a long and happy marriage if they keep having the kind of fun that they had on their third anniversary. That was when Keith explained that he had bought his wife season passes to Disneyland on their first anniversary, so for their third (which was spent in lockdown due to the coronavirus), he "got her a cardboard box and pushed her around saying it was Space Mountain." Judging by Becky's laughter in the clip he shared, she appreciated the gesture. And she's not the only one who gets a lot of love from the star.

Keith Habersberger really loves his cat

There's seemingly no doubt that Keith Habersberger is fond of his family and adores his wife, Becky. It's just as clear that he really loves his cat. The Try Guy announced that he had a new feline friend in May 2020 by posting a photo of the adopted pet on Instagram. "Surprise we got a cat. [Alfred] is the newest addition to The Try Pets family," Habersberger wrote. "He's so chill and affectionate. [Becky] and I love him."

Habersberger also noted in another post that "one good part of 2020 was finding @bigfriendlycat" — yes, the kitty does have its own IG account and over 93,600 animal-loving followers, as of this writing. If you're wondering why it's such a pleasure for Habersberger to have the cat around, just take a look at the two cuddling during the morning together (something they apparently do a lot) or the star admiring Alfred as an adorable "cat burrito." 

Habersberger also appreciates Alfred's beauty, the cat's comedic qualities, and the fact that they have something in common. As Habersberger himself explained, "Big mouths run in the family." Frankly, Habersberger's mouth is so big that it's allowed him to perfect a rather quirky skill.

The Try Guys' Keith Habersberger has a quirky talent

If you've ever watched one of Keith Habersberger's impressive, informative, and appetite-sparking (or appetite-ruining) "Eat the Menu" videos, then you know that The Try Guys star is capable of eating a large amount of food in one sitting. However, he happens to have another food-related talent: He's able to take in shockingly large amounts of food in a single scoop.

While any hungry person might overload their fork with a mound of brown rice with veggies, Habersberger gets his mouth around a full serving spoon of the stuff. He does the same on a regular basis with a handful of other meals, such as buffalo cauliflower with avocado and ranch, as well as risotto with kale. He can also take a massive bite of things like fettuccine with mushrooms and sundried tomatoes, not to mention rigatoni and "nice, fresh chili." It's hard to imagine any meal being able to overwhelm this famous figure's seemingly larger-than-normal mouth.

In fact, Habersberger seems to be able to devour food as quickly as his fans devour The Try Guys' newest videos. *Glances at YouTube to see if there's been another upload.*