The Real Meaning Behind 'Back In Blood' By Pooh Shiesty Featuring Lil Durk

What makes rap stand out from other genres is the ability to channel one's inner braggadocio through their lyrics. While ego does play a role in lyrical content of emerging hip-hop artists, some rappers don't exactly live up to their lifestyle. However, Pooh Shiesty is here to remind us that he's not one of them.

Emerging from Memphis, Tennessee, Pooh Shiesty has created buzz for himself as an independent artist. Per Commercial Appeal, the rapper got his start in both the streets and rap with his friend group known as Choppa Gang. "Me and Choppa Gang, before we were rappers we was just moving around — y'know?" He said. "We did everything else but make songs. And then we started to do that too." 

In 2018, he made waves in his city with his track, "Breaking News." The rapper was later signed to Gucci Mane's 1017 record label and Atlantic Records. Shiesty released his debut project, Shiesty Season. The project's lead single, "Back In Blood" featuring Lil Durk, has become a hit that we can't ignore. Here's the meaning behind the track.

Pooh Shiesty wants all the smoke on 'Back In Blood'

Pooh Shiesty is definitely not the dude you want to beef with, and he's making that clear on his hit single with Lil Durk, "Back in Blood." According to Shiesty, the song came about after fellow Memphis rapper Moneybagg Yo's producer created the beat for him. Coincidentally, Lil Durk happened to be in the same building as the Shiesty Season crooner. "So I go cook the song up and take it to Durk. Durk get up, and knocked it out in 5 minutes," Shiesty tells Genius. "I already knew my fans and everybody was gonna go crazy."

As if the song isn't self-explanatory already, Pooh Shiesty warns his enemies that if he takes something of theirs, they can have it back — not without a fight, of course. Additionally, the rappers speak on the murders around them, as the video also pays tribute to late Chicago rapper King Von. In the song chorus, Shiesty raps: "They ain't got nowhere to go, I shot up everywhere they was/ Yeah, you know who took that s*** from you/ Get it back in blood."

On Durk's verse, he matches the same energy for his opps as Shiesty does. In the verse, he references a person who dissed his deceased cousin and later died. Durk's popular line from the song, "Pooh Shiesty, that's my dawg, but Pooh, you know I'm really shiesty," means he's equally as disrespectful as his collaborator. Yikes, you might want to stay on their good side.