The Truth About Antonia Gentry's Boyfriend

Netflix series Ginny & Georgia became a YA hit seemingly overnight. The mother-daughter series stars Brianne Howey as a Southern belle single mother Georgia who moves her young family to a fictional Massachusetts suburb, much to the behest of teen daughter Ginny (Antonia Gentry), per Entertainment WeeklyThe series quickly became a hit, and Gentry received praise for her acting, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "I think we just really want audiences to be able to relate to literally any one of the characters. They're all so multifaceted and complex," Gentry told Entertainment Weekly. 

Even superstar Taylor Swift spoke out about the series, albeit to criticize its pop culture references, including a "deeply sexist joke" about her dating history. Yikes. But fans rallied around Gentry and Howey's onscreen dynamic. Gentry, who goes by the nickname Toni, took to Instagram to thank supporters. "As someone who grew up feeling voiceless and unimportant, and who did not see herself reflected on screen, Ginny Miller was finally a reprieve. Finally, a character who was just as confused and imperfect as I was gets a chance to exist," Gentry captioned. "[Ginny] shows us our own biases, prejudices and injustices." 

Although Gentry's alter ego Ginny is torn between two suitors, in real life, Gentry is all about her boyfriend. Keep scrolling to find out more about who she's dating! 

Antonia Gentry is dating musician Ezra Pounds

Ginny & Georgia star Antonia Gentry seems to have found her longtime love. She has been dating musician Ezra Pounds (née Anthony) since 2012, with their first shared Instagram photo on Pound's page in February 2019. "Happy Valentine's Day to my love forever," Pound captioned. "Big things are coming your way fast. I'll be here with you the whole way through." 

Gentry and Pounds reportedly hail from Atlanta, Ga., and POPSUGAR reported that Pounds and Gentry met at the Davidson Fine Arts high school. Pounds now works as a music teacher at the Atlanta School of Musical Arts, and also is part of bands Atlanta Space Quartet and Pull Up. Pounds and Gentry even make music together! Although Gentry hasn't publicly discussed her own love life, she told Elle that she can relate to Ginny's coming of age story. "I think the show took care of [sex] in a way that made it realistic, not over-glamorizing it. It's not this polished Hollywood thing; it's awkward. You run into walls. You don't really know what you're doing at that time. And it's very confusing," Gentry admitted. "I don't think young girls should feel ashamed of exploring their sexuality, of being comfortable in talking about it." 

Her beau Pounds called Gentry his "best friend, soulmate, & lover" on Instagram during the Ginny & Georgia premiere. Seems like while Ginny is still figuring things out, Gentry has discovered her happily ever after!