Hugh Grant's Complicated Love Triangle Explained

Hugh Grant is a Golden Globe and BAFTA winning actor who is probably best known for playing the newly elected Prime Minister of England in Love Actually. He has been active in his career since the 1980s and has a string of blockbuster hits to his name, including Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Remains of the Day, Sense and Sensibility, Notting Hill, Bridget Jones's Diary, and About A Boy. Most recently, Grant appeared in the Netflix comedy Death to 2020 playing history professor Tennyson Foss.

Grant's longest relationship to date was with actor Elizabeth Hurley. The two met in 1987 on the set of the Spanish film Remando Al Viento. They were together for 13 years and were the subject of great media attention during their relationship. They were THE celebrity couple of the 1990s essentially. They broke up in May 2000, but remain friends to this day. In fact, he is the godfather to Hurley's 18-year-old son Damien.

After Grant and Hurley broke up, it seemed Grant would be a childless bachelor forever. Boy, did he ever prove us wrong! Since 2011, Grant has had five children with two different women. Grant is in a complicated love triangle and we are going to do our best to explain it.

Hugh Grant became a father for the first time at age 51 in 2011

In September 2011, Hugh Grant's ex-girlfriend Tinglan Hong, a hostess at a Chinese restaurant, gave birth to their daughter Tabitha. At the time, Grant's publicist characterized their relationship as a "fleeting affair" (via MamaMia).

Hugh's daughter's Chinese name is Xiao Xi, which means "happy surprise." In an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show from April 2012, he revealed how it felt to be a first time dad. He said, "I can't pretend it's not a little bit of a surprise but it's a very nice surprise." He went on to say, "It's surprising that everyone was right all these years saying 'Hugh why don't you have some children, it really changes your life.' And you're thinking oh shut up. And now that I have I have to say it is quite life changing, I quite like it."

Unfortunately, the British press is not known for its subtlety and Grant realized that he and Tinglan were being photographed without their knowledge. As a result, Grant was not able to be present at his first child's birth. In a statement given in a court hearing addressing the invasion of privacy surrounding the birth of his daughter (via The Guardian), he said: "As detailed in my main statement, I have had too many experiences of hospital staff being paid to leak information to the press. It wasn't that I was worried about people knowing I was the father of a child. It was a determination to try and protect Tinglan and my child from a press firestorm."

Hugh Grant became a father for the second time in 2012 with a different baby mama

Hugh Grant must really have liked being a father because his second child was born the very next year. John Mungo was born in September 2012 to mother Anna Elisabet Eberstein, a Swedish television producer. In fact, adding another baby to his family filled Grant with even more joy and gratitude. During an October 2020 interview with People, Grant described what it was like to miss his kids while filming The Undoing. He said, "It's just lovely to have all that love around. Suddenly you love someone more than yourself. It's unheard of in my case and they love you and it's all enchanting."

Anna Elisabet Eberstein, in addition to being a television producer from Sweden, was also the co-founder of Ace Slippers, a London-based company founded in 2014 that makes traditional Swedish slipper socks with an edgier look to them. If she thought having a son with Grant was going to lock him down in a relationship, she was wrong because just five months after John Mungo was born, Grant had a third child with another woman.

Hugh Grant became a father for the third time with his first baby mama in 2013

Just five months after John Mungo was born to Hugh Grant and Anna Elisabet Eberstein, Grant welcomed his third child, another son, with his ex-girlfriend and mother of his first child, Tinglan Hong. Apparently, Grant had reunited with Hong sometime in 2012. Eberstein gave birth in September 2012, meaning she got pregnant in roughly January 2012. Hong gave birth in February 2013, meaning she got pregnant in roughly June 2012. That's right — Grant had two women pregnant at the same time. Grant was a busy man in that first half of 2012!

Grant and Hong named their son Felix Chang Grant. They reside, along with Tabitha, in a house Grant bought for Hong after the birth of their first child, but put in his cousin's name to protect her from the British press. Hong reportedly lives in a $3 million mansion located not too far from the home Grant now shares with his other baby mama, Anna Eberstein.

Hugh Grant became a father for the fourth and fifth time with his second baby mama in 2015 and 2018

Hugh Grant was not done having kids after having three in three years with two different women. In fact, he and Anna Eberstein had two more children together in December 2015 and in the spring of 2018. What's even more exciting is that, in May 2018, Grant — the perennial bachelor — married Eberstein after six years of dating.

Besides having three children together, Grant has called Eberstein his best friend. As mentioned, she hails from Sweden. She got her master's degree in economics from Uppsala University, she worked at ESPN in marketing and has a promotions producer, and she went on to become a freelance producer and director (via People).

Bringing Grant's romantic life full circle, it was actually his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley that broke the news about the birth of Grant's fifth child during a March 2018 episode of Watch What Happens Live. Host Andy Cohen asked Hurley if she and Grant were still close friends and if she was surprised by how many kids he had. She replied, "Well, he just had another one last week." Hurley went on to say, "He's actually an enchanting dad. Really, really sweet and having these kids has transformed him."

Grant and Eberstein have two daughters and a son together. All together, Grant has three daughters and two sons. And now, although he has two baby mamas, he only has one wife.