The Silly Thing The Queen Did On Behalf Of Her Dogs

Queen Elizabeth might have a reputation for being a little bit of an ice queen when she's in the public eye, however, those who know her best say she is quite a riot in the confines of her palace. According to royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith, the monarch is "much livelier in private than what the public sees," the author previously told People. She added that a source in close proximity to the queen's Norfolk country estate once told shared, " 'You can hear her laugh throughout that big house.' She has a big laugh!"

However, the queen's most playful side comes out when she's in the company of her prized pooches. The royal has been known to surround herself with her own wolf pack of corgi's and has even bred her own breed known as a dorgi, a cross between a corgi and a dachshund, per People. In fact, it appears the queen can't withhold her silly side when it comes to her furry friends. Keep scrolling to see the adorable thing she once did for her four-legged family members.

The queen has written letters on behalf of her pups

We assume parents everywhere have probably signed a card from their infant or drew a paw print on behalf of their pet for their child's birthday, but we'd never expect such playful behavior from Queen Elizabeth. However, the ITV documentary The Queen and her Cousins proved otherwise when host Alexander Armstrong discovered handwritten letters from the Queen's corgis hanging in the bathroom of her majesty's former equerry, or officer of the royal household, Sir Blair Stewart-Wilson.

Before we commend the pooches on their incredible handwriting, or shall we say paw print, Armstrong reveal the queen's equerry "would write these letters from [his] Jack Russell to the corgis, and the Queen would write these letters back," he told The Telegraph, per People. "And they put this series of letters up, and they are so funny. I wish I could remember them."

He added that the notes were so "wickedly funny" he found himself holding his stomach from laughing so hard. Although we can only imagine what the queen wrote on behalf of her dogs, we bet her letters were filled with puppy puns and some purr-fect one-liners.