The Tragic Death Of Carl Judie From Dhar Mann

If you plumb the depths of YouTube, you will find videos for anything — from cooking and apartment renovations, to influencer apologies and kids unboxing toys. You will also find a wide array of self-help and motivationally inclined content. Among the most popular of this genre are Dhar Mann's videos, which he posts under his eponymous YouTube channel.

Dhar Mann has nearly 8 million subscribers and counting on YouTube. (He also frequently appears on his wife's successful channel). Most of the videos take on the form of short narrative pieces intended to educate or inspire. With titles like, "These Popular Girls HUMILIATE Nice Girls, What Happens Next WILL SHOCK YOU!" and "Gold Digger Shames Poor Guy At Bar, Lives To Regret It," there is truly something for everyone. As Dhar Mann's popularity has grown, so has the stock of his colleagues. The actors who appear in Dhar Mann's videos have become celebrities in their own right, easily recognizable for their various roles. One of the most popular was Carl Judie.

However, fans were saddened to learn of Judie's death in February 2021. Here's what we know.

Carl Judie's death was a surprise

Fans of Dhar Mann's YouTube channel were saddened to learn of the death of one of the channel's stars, Carl Judie, in February 2021. Though Judie had tons of fans, he did not start acting until later in life, when he did his wife a favor by filling in for someone who dropped out of her play. Judie explained that, the second he took the stage, he was hooked. "From that moment on, all the other actors and actresses there said 'we want him,'" he laughed in an interview which was posted just days before his death.

It took a few years, but eventually, Judie landed a spot on the Dhar Mann channel, and the rest is history. Unfortunately, the late-in-life actor's time in the spotlight was cut tragically short when he died in February 2021. His daughter, Brianna Walker, took to Instagram to share the news. "I'm completely heartbroken," she captioned a video of her father, which she posted on February 16. "RIP @carl8493 Carl 'Dad Granddad' Judie. You were our sunshine. I'm gonna miss you so much. I know it's God's will calling you home, it just hurt so bad." Walker went on to confirm that Judie died from complications related to COVID-19. The news came mere days after Dhar Mann made a Facebook post informing his fans that Judie was hospitalized and "struggling." We send our well-wishes to Judie's as they mourn this unimaginable loss.