What Really Happened Between Chris Soules And Whitney Bischoff

During Season 19 of The Bachelor, Chris Soules proposed to Whitney Bischoff. As was always the case with the series, Chris and Whitney had to keep their engagement under wraps until the finale of their season aired. Once they could go public, the couple initially seemed blissfully happy and she was by his side as he shifted from The Bachelor to compete on Dancing with the Stars. Unfortunately, a split came a matter of months later and fans buzzed over what seemingly went wrong.

As The Bachelor fans remember from the 2015 season, Chris whittled his group of bachelorettes down to Whitney and Becca Tilley. The final rose ceremony and proposal took place at his family farm in Iowa and his parents were nearby, anxiously waiting to congratulate the couple after he popped the question. Despite their different backgrounds, with Whitney being a fertility nurse based in Chicago, Ill. and Chris dedicated to the family farm in Iowa, the two thought they had a plan for building a future together.

As Chris and Whitney's engagement played out, she spent a lot of time with him in Iowa. In addition, as he tackled DWTS in California, she went there with him. She did some traveling back-and-forth between Chicago and Los Angeles, but she was almost always in the DWTS audience cheering him on during the competition. Fans definitely noticed, however, that she was not in the audience the night that Chris was eliminated (via Us Weekly). Then, things went further downhill. 

Chris and Whitney soon started to struggle

Unfortunately, Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff split soon after the end of Dancing with the Stars (via People). In fact, the announcement came just six days after The Bachelor star shared a photo via Twitter showing him with Whitney and friends at a DWTS after party. It did not go unnoticed by fans that Whitney looked unhappy.

The Bachelor stars never explicitly detailed the catalyst for the breakup. However, there were some significant signs. As he told Hollywood Life, his DWTS schedule put a strain on the relationship. Chris faced long rehearsals, constant exhaustion, and additional time spent at home preparing. He admitted this left little room to "nurture the relationship" with Whitney.

Given the timing of the split, it seemed that DWTS may have been something of a final straw. Right after The Bachelor finale aired, Whitney was enthusiastic about moving to Iowa. However, as People detailed, Chris and Whitney quickly slowed down talk of both a move and wedding planning. In addition, they seemed to have different visions for their respective futures. Whitney loved her career as a fertility nurse, while on the other hand, Chris seemed to want a stay-at-home wife who primarily raised their children. 

E! Online shared that Whitney was "heartbroken" and that they both tried hard to make the relationship work. Ultimately, it seemed Chris and Whitney quickly learned that their fairytale engagement simply wasn't destined to transition into a successful Bachelor marriage.