What Jed Duggar's Brother-In-Law Wants Fans To Know About Jim Bob And Michelle

Jed Duggar married Katey Nakatsu on April 3, 2021, making her part of the Duggar family reality TV franchise. Many family members attended the affair, including Katey's older brother, Reed Roberts, who is openly gay. Some were surprised to see Robers in attendance, as the Duggars have made many headlines for their anti-LGTBQ views throughout the years, including their stance on gay marriage. "Natural marriage is something that has been clearly defined over the years," Josh Duggar said in 2015 on the topic, according to HuffPost. "What's really at stake here is the American family. Marriage is essential to the American family and every single child deserves a mother and a father." Of course, that is just one example of the rhetoric the family has trumpeted.

Given all of the controversy, many were eager to hear Roberts spill his story about Jed and Katey Duggar's wedding. That moment came on April 8, 2021, during an interview with Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball. The story Katey's brother shared was arguably shocking, especially concerning how Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar treated him at the wedding.

So what's the tea? Keep reading to find out what Jed Duggar's brother-in-law wants fans to know about Jim Bob and Michelle.

Reed Roberts shares surprising info about Jim Bob and Michelle

Jed Duggar's Los Angeles-based brother-in-law, Reed Roberts, didn't hold back when describing how Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar behaved when he met them at the wedding. As it turns out, Jim Bob and Michelle were lovely to Roberts. Since Jim Bob once allegedly called California the "land of the heathens," you might assume the Duggars wouldn't cozy up to Katey's bro. 

Roberts told Without a Crystal Ball's Katie Joy, "They were sweet. Even Michelle like was like 'Hey, you know we'd love for you to come back out here and you know come back to Arkansas.' You know, like everybody was really nice." Roberts continued his Duggar love-fest to WOACB, saying, "They were such a joy to be around and they were so pleasant and nice to me. So I really was shocked by seeing people so shocked by that." Katey's brother said he was confused by people's reactions to his experience. Roberts said no one treated him "different," adding, "They were very normal."

Roberts concluded, "I haven't watched the show. I haven't heard what people have said about them and how the Duggars feel about homosexuality, but I can tell you that like in my personal experience they weren't negative or they weren't horrible to me." That is good news for him and great news for his sister, Katey!