Princess Eugenie Honors Prince Philip With Sweet Tribute

To the world, he was Prince Philip, the world-famous husband to Queen Elizabeth II. But to his family, he was a loving husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. Philip died on Friday, April 9, 2021, and members of the royal family have been taking to their social media feeds to post tributes to the late Philip.

"My grandfather was an extraordinary man and part of an extraordinary generation," Prince William said in a statement. "Catherine and I will continue to do what he would have wanted and will support The Queen in the years ahead. I will miss my Grandpa, but I know he would want us to get on with the job."

Prince Harry flew to the UK without his very pregnant wife, Meghan Markle. He issued a statement (via CBS), saying, "He will be remembered as the longest-reigning consort to the Monarch, a decorated serviceman, a Prince and a Duke. But to me, like many of you who have lost a loved one or grandparent over the pain of this past year, he was my grandpa: master of the barbecue, legend of banter, and cheeky right 'til the end."

Prince Andrew highlighted his mother, Elizabeth, telling reporters (via CBS), "I feel very sorry and supportive of my mother who is feeling it, I think probably more than everybody else." 

Now, Princess Eugenie has finally broken her silence, thanking her grandfather for being a loyal husband to Queen Elizabeth for 73 years. Here's what she said. 

Eugenie shared a sweet note to her beloved Grandpa

Princess Eugenie took to her Instagram account to share a letter to her "Dearest Grandpa," Prince Philip. In her note, the princess highlighted her favorite memories with her grandfather, and what he meant to the rest of the world. 

"We all miss you. ⁣You would be so touched by all the tributes that have been shared with me the past few days," Eugenie began.⁣" People remember sitting next to you at a dinner, or shaking your hand once, who remember you saying hello in passing, or remember how much their DofE award meant to them."⁣ 

Then, the princess shared personal memories with her grandfather. "⁣I remember learning how to cook, how to paint, what to read. I remember laughing at your jokes and asking about your spectacular life and service in the navy," she wrote. "⁣I remember incinerating the sausages and you swooping in to save the day.⁣ I remember your hands and your laugh and your favourite beer." 

"⁣⁣I will remember you in your children, your grandchildren and great grandchildren," she concluded. "⁣Thank you for your dedication and love for us all and especially Granny, who we will look after for you." She then signed off the note with "all [her] love."  ⁣

Eugenie is expected to attend Philip's funeral on April 17, 2021. Due to the pandemic, the ceremony will be a closed event attended by 30 close family members and friends only.