The Truth About Lee From The Circle

Season 2 of Netflix's The Circle is finally here, and we're thrilled to meet the new cast, especially Lee Swift. Standing out from the bunch, the 58-year-old author is from Dallas, Texas, and is ready to stir the pot in the chatroom as "River," a 24-year-old from a small town, per Bustle. In fact, River is actually Lee's real-life friend Doak Rapp, who let his pal use his name and likeness for the sake of competition.

However, Lee has been catfishing long before he stepped onto The Circle as River, thanks to his career as a romance novelist — or as he puts it "a professional liar," where he goes by the female pseudonym, Kris Cook. "I have been a catfish before they used the term catfish," he said in his intro package. With his years of experience as a writer, he is convinced he has the competition in the bag. "I don't think anybody has a chance," he admitted. 

So what else do we know about Lee? Keep scrolling for more details about Lee from The Circle.

Lee's true self is just as lovable as his persona

Although Lee Swift has utilized alter egos for years, his true self is just as wonderful as his other fictitious identities. In addition to being a talented author, he is a proud gay man who has been with his partner for 32 years, per Bustle. However, it looks like his man is the quiet one in the relationship. Despite not having too much of a social media presence, he still makes sure to post heartwarming photos of his beloved from time to time. In fact, it looks like the duo is going strong since Lee made a point to tell his Circle competitors that he just went through a bad breakup in an effort to ward off any flirtatious advances. Now that sounds like one loyal partner!

Despite remaining dedicated to his love back home, Lee definitely could hold his own when it comes to play-on-words, considering his risqué collection of novels including Misty's Bondage Diary and Primal Desires. However, he often collaborates with his mother, Lana Lynn, who is also an author, so there isn't too much shame in his game.

Although he isn't the most tech-savvy, admitting he had to ask his 20-year-old niece for help with "social media slang" in preparation for the show, it sounds like his writing skills are going to carry through the competition.