Ingrid Andress' Net Worth: How Much Is The Country Superstar Worth?

Country music singer Ingrid Andress sure can pen a sweet tune. Whether she's crooning on hit track "More Hearts Than Mine" or among the nominees for Best New Artist at the 2021 Grammy Awards, Andress has hooked fans since releasing her debut studio album Lady Like in March 2020. 

Andress' signature soulful songs stem from her own emotional journey. "I think vulnerability is scary to all of us, but it's so worth it if you can be honest about your life because I think more people can connect to it," Andress told Taste of Country in April 2020. "We all have more in common than we think."

While Andress has been captivating listeners everywhere, her career has also skyrocketed. "More Hearts Than Mine" peaked at #3 on the Billboard Country Music charts, and Andress' Grammys outfit even turned the heads of fashion experts everywhere. So with all this newfound success, how much is Andress worth? Keep scrolling to find out!

Ingrid Andress has worked with top artists like Bebe Rexha and Charli XCX

American Country Music Awards nominee Ingrid Andress always had the life of a touring musician, even if she didn't know it then. The Colorado-born star followed father Brad Andress on the road while he coached professional baseball teams like the Colorado Rockies, Detroit Tigers, and New York Mets, per B.104 Radio. "It taught me early on that I'm okay wherever I go because I'll always be able to figure out like what to do and how to adapt," Andress told the station. "It really gets you out of your comfort zone and makes you okay with things that you wouldn't normally do." 

Andress went on to attend the Berklee College of Music and compete on a capella reality singing competition series The Sing Off, per The BootEven though Andress is now a fresh face to the country music scene, she has been behind huge hits for fellow singers Bebe Rexha, Charli XCX, Dove Cameron, and Fletcher, according to ForbesShe also "co-wrote and co-produced every track" on Lady Like, garnering over 350 million streams for the album. 

Although Ingrid Andress' net worth isn't available as of this writing, we do know that Andress lived in a Nashville apartment complex in 2020 according to The Boot before her single "More Hearts Than Mine" went platinum (via Universal Music Publishing Group). It's safe to say Andress is only getting started.