The Truth About Bryant From The Circle

The Circle is back for Season 2 on Netflix, and of course fans can't wait to find out more about the new cast. For those who have never seen the reality show, it involves a group of contestants moving into the same apartment building (nothing new there) but who never meet face-to-face and can only communicate through an online portal called "The Circle." (Oooh, okay, that makes sense.)

Throughout the game, the contestants can portray themselves however they choose. The players then rate one another, with the lowest rated player being eliminated one by one and the winner being the "top influencer" who wins $100,000. With all that said, you would think someone whose job involves Instagram may have an advantage in the competition. The specific contestant we're talking about is Bryant Wood, who The Circle host Michelle Bateau described as a "bonafide, grade-A hippie," per StyleCaster.

Need an example of what Michelle meant? According to StyleCaster, Bryant, who lives in L.A., works as a breath work and philosophy instructor, who describes himself as an "oddball" who "lives in a golden bubble of love." He also goes by the name Angel iKar, which, according to Bustle, means "the one who touches the sky." But don't let that fool you! He's also a businessman who is the co-founder for the company Modern Nirvana. According to their Instagram bio, the organization "helps people find their individual nirvana through ancient and modern practices." Plus, Bryant has his own reality show past...

Bryant appeared on America's Next Top Model

Fans may be surprised to learn that The Circle isn't Bryant Wood's first dive into reality TV. In 2015, the then 21-year-old appeared on Season 22 of America's Next Top Model. According to Bustle, Bryant only made it to Episode 3 of that season, and was eliminated before host Tyra Banks even chose the 14 contestants who would be for the final competition. At the time, Bryant called himself (via StyleCaster), the "best-looking" who had both the "face" and "body" to win the show. While that didn't happen, Bryant did decide to forego modeling for acting.

That's right: you may recognize Bryant from things outside of reality TV and breath work training, because he also appeared in a couple TV series, like The Bay and This Just In, and even has three upcoming movies on his schedule. Plus, he seems to be using his influencer status for good. His LinkedIn states that he's the "Director of Influencer Relations at The Krim Group," which, per their website, "connect[s] non-profits, charitable foundations, and corporations with [stars in the entertainment industry] for the purpose of [helping] meaningful causes."

When Bryant isn't acting, holding classes and conferences on breathing, or connecting with other stars for the non-profit, he is working as the executive producer for a podcast about wellness in Hollywood for Flowstate Media. Does Bryant bring these good vibes to the Netflix hit? You'll have to watch to see how he fairs!