Who Is Jack Brooksbank, Princess Eugenie's Husband?

British royals know a thing or two about coming from a huge family. Although Queen Elizabeth is a mother of four, all eyes are usually on Prince Charles' sons Prince Harry and Prince William and their growing families, which often allows their extended family to fly under the radar, including Prince Andrew and his daughters Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

In fact, Eugenie welcomed her first child with her husband, Jack Brooksbank, in February 2021. However, it looks like this couple marches to the beat of their own drummer with their non-traditional birth announcement for a royal. The pair took to Instagram to reveal the exciting news, a first for the royal family, per Hello!.

With their modern take on tradition, it's clear Eugenie has aligned herself with a freethinker. She and Brooksbank wed in October 2018 after meeting eight years prior while skiing in Switzerland. However, their relationship was put to the test when she lived and worked in New York City back in 2013. But despite the distance, Eugenie said their romance was "love at first sight," per People, adding, "[We] fell in love. We have the same passions and drive for life."

It's no wonder Eugenie fell for Brooksbank considering he is quite an accomplished man. Keep scrolling to learn more about the princess's husband.

Jack Brooksbank is quite the catch

Unlike Princess Eugenie, Jack Brooksbank comes from a humble background. His father works as a chartered accountant and is a company director, according to The Telegraph, while his mother lives a quiet life with her husband. Brooksbank opted out of attending college, per The Sun, and started working for several pubs until he eventually went off to start his own wine merchant business. These days, he works as the U.K. brand ambassador for tequila brand Casamigos, which was co-founded by legendary actor George Clooney.

Although it's unclear if his line of work has allowed the couple to bump shoulders with the movie star, it has helped Brooksbank get in good with his in-laws. While discussing the "good news" about Brooksbanks career, Eugenie's mother, Sarah Ferguson, told The One Show in August 2018 she's very pleased with her son-in-law's profession, per Daily Mail. "I'm perfect," she said at the time, "He'll just hand me the tequila and say, 'come on mother-in-law down it!'"

But while the royals may approve of Eugenie's beloved, he wasn't entitled to a royal title as a commoner. Although the monarchy typically gives titles to royal sons and their partners, it isn't common practice to do the same when a royal daughter ties the knot, according to USA Today. Since Eugenie is a non-working royal and is ninth in line for the throne, the title wouldn't have much weight on their lifestyle anyways. It sounds like Princess Eugenie picked a winner!