How Much Is Halle Berry Actually Worth?

Halle Berry is one of the most successful and famous actors in the world, and she's earned an impressive net worth of $90 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. However, that doesn't mean she didn't face any struggles to get to the top. In 2017, she told People that she found herself unhoused at the age of 21. After moving to New York City to pursue her career, she was living off the money she had earned from a previous modeling gig. Once the cash started drying up, she realized she wasn't going to get very far.

"I called my mother and asked her to send me some money, and she said no, and that subsequently led to a year of not speaking to her because I was so upset that she wouldn't help me," Berry said. "That's probably one of the best things she did for me ... She said, 'If you want to be there, then you work it out.' And I had to work it out."

Her high-profile status over the years has seen her become a hot topic several times and her personal life has been well-documented. After divorcing her third husband, Gabriel Aubry, a judge ruled that Berry had to pay over $16,000 a month in child support so Aubrey could support their daughter, Nahla, until she is 19 years old, per Celebrity Net Worth. 

With that being said, Berry's career has been in demand since the 1990s, and she's had quite a few lucrative jobs over the years.

Halle Berry took up her role in Monster's Ball for free

In Halle Berry's 17th feature film, "Monster's Ball," she plays the role of Leticia Musgrove, a convict's wife who suffers the loss of her family and home, and finds love in the arms of a prison guard–Hank Grotowski — a role portrayed by Billy Bob Thornton. Renowned film critic Roger Ebert wrote of Berry's performance, "As for myself, as Leticia rejoined Hank in the last shot of the movie, I was thinking about her as deeply and urgently as about any movie character I can remember." The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences deeply agreed with Ebert's sentiments, as did the general public, making Halle Berry the first African-American woman to win the "Best Actress" award at the Oscars. To date, she's the only woman of color with that achievement. 

While Berry's portrayal of Leticia Musgrove was award-worthy, it was both a financial and moral gamble since she didn't receive a single cent for it until it became a success. Speaking to Forbes in 2017, she said, "When ['Monster's Ball'] came to me, I thought, okay, I'm getting no money to do this movie and it could either catapult my career or it could end it instantly. The sexual component to that movie was so risky and ... I was so worried about being exploited and having people feel like I was being exploited, but at the end of the day, at my soul, I'm an artist."

Catwoman remains one of the actor's biggest paydays

"Catwoman" was a box office flop. With an estimated budget of $100 million (per Time), the 2004 release managed $16.7 million in sales during its opening weekend. Overall, it cited a $40 million domestic gross, a figure way below its mega budget.

For her performance, Halle Berry landed herself on the Razzie Award side of entertainment as the "Worst Actress of 2004." During the acceptance of her award, she walked in with her Academy award in hand, picked up the Razzie, and as if she was amused by what the two awards symbolized, gave a sarcasm-filled speech that read in part: "I was at the top, and then 'Catwoman' just plummeted me to the bottom."

Winning a Razzie was perhaps Berry's worst nightmare as an artist, but her bank account told a different story. A big chunk of the film's nine-figure budget lined her pockets. "For me, it was one of the biggest paydays of my whole life, which, there's nothing wrong with that .... I don't want to feel like 'Oh, I can only do award-worthy stuff.' What is an award-worthy performance?" the actor asked Entertainment Weekly.

Her TV comeback on Extant came with a solid per-episode paycheck

On the big screen, Halle Berry's career has been solid, with minute breaks between projects. Not the same can be said for her time on television. Berry's small screen roles have often been years apart. After voicing herself on an episode of "The Simpsons" dubbed "Angry Dad: The Movie," it would take another three years for Halle Berry to make a TV comeback, this time as the lead of a much longer production, "Extant."

In preparing for the role of Molly Woods, an astronaut who lands from space with a baby after a year of being away, Halle Berry revealed in an interview on "The Late Show with David Letterman" that she had some behind-the-scenes groundwork to do. "I did something you might have been interested in. I went on a Zero-G flight ... when you're diving down, that's when you're experiencing Zero G," she said. The 20,000-feet drops were worth it (all 15 of them), given the amount Berry was raking in per episode.

Entertainment Weekly reported that Halle Berry's appearance on "Extant" commanded a $100,000 per episode paycheck. In addition to having the Obama's oldest daughter, Malia, as a rumored production assistant (per The Wrap), Berry's job on "Extant" came with recognition as co-executive producer of the series and an on-set bodyguard.

Berry's acting classes are budget-friendly

Halle Berry has had to perfect her craft over the years by working with acting coaches like Margie Haber, but her relationship with Ivana Chubbuck is the most publicized. The acting guru has worked with a number of Hollywood A-listers including Brad Pitt and Beyoncé Knowles (via Daily Mail). According to her website, Chubbuck, who has a "game plan for each of my students," charges an average of $250 to $300 for a monthly acting class.

Chubbukk prides herself in giving her students "the foundation" needed to work with any director. For "Monster's Ball," she used the happenings of the actor's personal life at the time to bring out her very best. As such, Chubbukk was as proud of Berry's Academy win just as much as her fanbase. "She deserved it because we worked really hard on it," Chubbukk commented at an interview with ABS-CBN, adding that Halle Berry thought of the win as "our award."

Halle Berry's review of Chubbukk's work is straight and to the point. She calls her the "premier acting coach of the 21st century." In her tear-filled Oscar speech, the "Moonfall" star gave Chubbukk the flowers she deserved: "I wanna thank Ivana Chubbukk. I could have never figured out who the heck this lady was without you. I love you. Thank you. Thank you so much for being my mentor and believing in me."

Halle Berry's directorial debut resulted in a production deal with Netflix

Every so often, actors who are well established in their careers explore other areas of production. Directing is a coveted job that can lead to one hefty payday. Veteran directors Christopher Nolan and Peter Jackson have in the past secured $20-million deals that included a 20% share in gross profit (via The Hollywood Reporter). Even with a name like Halle Berry's, you still need to prove your worth.

"I would think in my 50s I had to fight to be a director. I had to fight to have a second act, to have a new chapter to my career. And it wasn't easy. This wasn't a slam dunk for me. I had to work really hard for this opportunity to prove that I could do it," Berry told Entertainment Weekly. The move to direct "Bruised," she affirmed, was about "finding a new voice even at this stage of my career."

Upon its release, "Bruised" was an instant hit. A total of hours in the neighborhood of 47 million were spent watching the 2020 film (only 5 days in) in which Berry plays lead, rendering it No. 1 in 21 countries, per Deadline. For the $20 million spent by the streamer in the film's acquisition (via Variety), Halle Berry was a sure bet. The success of "Bruised" birthed an elongated multi-picture deal with Netflix, which means Berry is smiling all the way to the bank.

She has one of the longest-running celebrity endorsement deals

For a little over two decades, Halle Berry has had a longstanding partnership with beauty giant, Revlon. Through the years, Berry has shot multiple campaigns for the brand. Her range of work with Revlon is extensive, from advertising foundation, more sensual campaigns about choosing love, collaborations with celebrities like Emma Stone, to a full-on display of her fabulous paparazzi-magnet lifestyle.

Berry's consistency saw the company renew her contract in 2003, saying of their working relationship with her: "Halle demonstrates our passion for beauty and plays a valuable role in reinforcing and building the Revlon brand image. We are delighted that Halle will continue to be an important part of the Revlon brand." Exact details of her contract with Revlon are unknown, but it was rumored that Berry asked for a raise after her Academy win (via Cinema).

The relationship between Halle Berry and Revlon extends beyond being in front of the camera. On a more philanthropic note, Berry was front and center when Forbes reported that Revlon had made a $1 million donation toward cancer research. At the company's annual philanthropic luncheon, Berry had nothing short of praise for her relationship with the cosmetic establishment. "I'm so proud to be a part of this company. It's one of the joys of being an ambassador for so long is because they really do help women both inside and out," she told New You Media.

Fragrance lovers know the scent of Halle Berry

Halle Berry looks as good as she smells. To expand her range of partnerships, she joined the bandwagon of celebrities in the perfume business. At first, Berry was skeptical about dipping her feet in the industry, but it didn't take long before she caved. To have a Halle Berry inspired fragrance, it had to represent who she was. "My strategy was to present something to people that was honestly me," Berry told Forbes of her deal with Coty. In March 2009, "Halle" by Halle Berry hit the shelves at a retail price of between $17 to $35. Its sales rose above any other fragrances in the market, in time placing her at the No. 1 spot.

More fragrances by Halle Berry have since cropped up. "Reveal," which Berry described as "an invitation for women to share their story, to reveal some parts of themselves that they have not yet expressed," was available for purchase in 2011."Closer" by Halle Berry launched in 2012, targeting a unisex market base. According to PR Newswire, Berry "wanted to create a unique fragrance for women that would also appeal to men."

Halle Berry was inspired by her own garden to create "Exotic Jasmine," a timeless, floral note. The scent, aimed at giving the modern woman a seductive allure, is "a reflection of beautiful, yet empowered femininity." Berry thought it'd be great to have a scent that "smelled like jasmine and stayed with you when you walked by."

Her interest in wellness inspired a fitness brand dubbed Re-spin

In 2008, Esquire named Halle Berry the sexiest woman alive. "Well, I don't know exactly what it means, but being forty-two and having just had a baby, I think I'll take it," Berry commented on her newest title. More than a decade later, she could easily make the cut since her killer abs are still making headlines. Halle Berry owes her good physique to a consistent workout routine that she shared on her Instagram stories (via Women's Health). Her interest in all things wellness is no secret.

As a result of this passion that's in line with who she is, the health and wellness brand Re-spin was birthed. The name of the company was inspired by a "respin" Berry had after becoming a mom. In addition to sharing uplifting content, the platform sells a range of products whose costs are as low as $14. Cofounded with Kendra Bracken-Ferguson, Re-spin celebrated its second anniversary in early June 2022.

In an interview with Shape, Berry revealed that her goal for the brand was to "earn people's trust and offer them affordable products that will make their lives better, so they can live in a way that's more fulfilling and complete." She also added that financial success was a target. Bracken-Ferguson, on the other hand, let it be known that they were "democratizing the space for health and wellness information because the research, the education, and the access to people of color is disproportionate."

The actor was famously sued by an ex-boyfriend for $80,000

Although Halle Berry's career and business ventures have been extremely successful, there have been some lows in her personal life. In a 1996 interview with Berry, People revealed that the "Kidnap" actor was slapped with a $80,000 lawsuit only a year into her marriage to her first husband, David Justice. The plaintiff, Berry's ex-boyfriend John Ronan, who was a practicing dentist, claimed he'd loaned her the money between 1989 and 1991 to help her get started career-wise. "He says I borrowed $80,000 from him over the course of our two-year relationship and he wanted the money back," Berry recounted in a conversation with "Intimate Portrait."

In Halle Berry's opinion, Ronan wanted to be paid for "all the things that any boyfriend does for his girlfriend." To put it more bluntly, he was claiming back his courting fee. Berry brushed it off, thinking it would never get to trial. She'd underestimated his will to push, and was left dumbfounded when she got subpoenaed. Ronan had armed himself with a whole load of proof, including a promissory note. In the end, Halle Berry was let off the hook when it emerged that Ronan hadn't mentioned her as a debtor when he filed for bankruptcy in 1992.

Halle Berry's divorces set her back financially in attorneys' fees

Halle Berry has been married three times. First to baseball player David Justice, with whom she stayed until 1997, then to singer-songwriter Eric Benét. Berry and Benét publicly separated following a cheating scandal that Berry discussed on "The Oprah Winfrey Show." He tried to contest his prenuptial agreement with Berry, as reported by Entertainment Weekly, and finalized their divorce in 2005. The Mirror disclosed that Halle Berry kept her fortune.

Berry met her third husband, French actor Olivier Martinez, on the set of "Dark Tide." The two were engaged in March 2012, and married the following year. It was all bliss for two years, until the union came to an end. In court documents obtained by TMZ, Martinez and Berry had filed for divorce using pseudonyms. News of the couple's separation attracted an unlikely reunion of Halle Berry's former husbands. " My man [David Justice] is tweeting some truth dis' mornin'!" Benét tweeted. As of 2022, the divorce is yet to be officially finalized.

With visits in and out of the courtroom come big attorneys' fees. According to Bloomberg, high-profile divorce lawyers like Laura Wasser charge a fee of up to $850 an hour. Putting Wasser on retainer will cost a celebrity $25,000. Berry has previously worked with attorney Marina Zakiyan Beck, but chose to represent herself in her divorce from Olivier Martinez (via Entertainment Tonight).

Halle Berry's child support wars with ex Gabriel Aubry

Prior to her marriage to Martinez, Halle Berry was in a relationship with Canadian model Gabriel Aubry for five years. The pair have a daughter, Nahla, who celebrated her 14th birthday in March 2022. Co-parenting with Aubry hasn't been a glamorous affair financially, with Berry likening her child support payments to extortion. In a February 2021 Instagram post by the "Swordfish" star, things got a little heated in the comment's section. Berry wrote: "it takes great strength eryday to pay it. and BTW it's wrong and it's extortion" (via E!). Barely a month later, The Blast reported that Berry's child support payments had been halved from $16,000 to $8,000. According to the publication, Berry would part with $85,000 in "retroactive" support.

In addition to disagreements over financial obligations, the relationship between Aubry and Berry wasn't void of misunderstandings, especially after their break up. In 2011, The Mirror revealed that unsealed court documents alluded to an incestuous relationship on Aubry's part, coupled with mental health issues that rendered him unfit to co-parent Nahla. This was after Aubry barred Berry's desire to move to France with their daughter and then-husband Olivier Martinez. Aubry and Martinez would later exchange blows, leading to the former's arrest (per TMZ).

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, please contact the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741, call the National Alliance on Mental Illness helpline at 1-800-950-NAMI (6264), or visit the National Institute of Mental Health website.

She has a varied taste in cars and houses

Halle Berry's beginnings may have involved living in a shelter, but the narrative has since changed. Thanks to her incredible work ethic, her choice in housing comes nothing close to what she was used to in the past. For ten years, Berry lived in a Mediterranean-style Hollywood Hills mansion. The three-bedroom property was purchased in 1994, and sold in 2006 for a reported $4.15 million (via Architectural Digest). In 2018, it was placed on the market with an asking price of $3.8 million.

According to Hello Magazine, Berry's current residence is a 5,000-square-foot house in Malibu, purchased in 2004 for a staggering $8.5 million. The open-plan property boasts four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a private balcony, and a breathtaking view of the ocean.

Halle Berry's taste in cars is diverse. In the past, she has been filmed getting into a Lexus Hybrid after a grocery run. Similarly, Berry was spotted with the same car model while shopping for a Christmas tree. The purchase of a similar car in 2022 ranges between $40,200 to $113,075 (via Lexus). In 2016, Halle Berry entered a minivan phase, and she told Today she was loving every minute of it. "I didn't buy that kind of minivan [Chrysler], but being in that minivan for so long, I began realizing how great minivans are for children. It makes your life so much easier," said Berry. Her purchase was inspired by her mom character in the 2017 film "Kidnap."

Halle Berry is one of Hollywood's highest-paid actors

Halle Berry may have been paying a lot of money in child support, but that hasn't affected her net worth in the absolute slightest.

As reported by The Guardian, Berry was said to have been paid $2.5 million to appear in 2001's "Swordfish." She made headlines after it was suggested her salary went up another $500,000 after agreeing to go topless in a scene. However, she claimed this was not true. She took on her Academy Award-winning role of Leticia Musgrove in "Monster's Ball" for $600,000 and was offered $4 million to star in the James Bond movie "Die Another Day" with Pierce Brosnan. Celebrity Net Worth reported she took home $6 million for her role in 2003's "Gothika."

2004's "Catwoman" may have landed her a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress, but Berry got the last laugh. Celebrity Net Worth notes the role hasn't damaged her career in any way as she has since earned $10-12 million per major film role, helping her become one of the highest-paid actors of the 2000s.