The Real Reason This Royal Expert Thinks Harry And Meghan Won't Last

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been making headlines since the moment the world knew they were dating. Ever since the couple decided to step down as senior members of the royal family, curiosity about their lives has only increased. Fast forward through the long months of quarantine during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, and a baby announcement put Harry and Meghan right back on the map. And then came their March 7 interview with Oprah Winfrey, which has effectively put them front and center on just about every tabloid from the U.S. to the UK.

After the death of Prince Philip, many wondered if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would travel to England for the funeral. Alas, Harry made the trip, but Meghan stayed behind, at the advice of her doctor, according to People. And while Harry remains at Frogmore Cottage, perhaps trying to have conversations with his family after that Oprah interview caused a massive rift, a royal expert has spoken out about his marriage. According to Page Six, Lady Colin Campbell doesn't think that the Duke and Duchess will last. Read on to find out why.

Prince Harry is 'entrapped,' royal expert claims

Lady Colin Campbell told Page Six that she doesn't believe that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's marriage will last forever. She told the outlet that Meghan is "disconnected from reality," and explained that the couple's interview with Oprah Winfrey really put a stain on Meghan's reputation in the UK. The main reason Campbell doesn't think that Meghan and Harry will last? Because of the lies that Meghan allegedly told during that interview.

"This wrong-footed woman stated untruths. She couldn't keep her mouth shut. Knowing some statements could not be massaged into reality, Harry went along. Not pleased, he knew they were not true," Campbell told Page Six. She goes on to say that Harry is "entrapped," living in the United States with his wife, in a "communal property state" with two kids. She went on to say that if Harry ever wanted to return to the royal family, well, it probably won't be easy. While "London would act polite," and treat Harry "with respect," Campbell says that the "establishment" will "treat him as a pariah." If Campbell is correct, and Harry and Meghan decide to split, it sounds like it will be a tough road for the duke.

Samantha Markle also thinks Meghan and Harry will divorce

Lady Colin Campbell isn't the only person who believes that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's marriage won't last. Back on March 15, Samantha chatted with TMZ, and shared her feelings about her half-sister's relationship with Harry after the Oprah Winfrey interview aired. "I see [the marriage] ending in divorce unless they get extensive counseling and can agree to work on being honest, to work on apologies, to work on everyone that they've damaged in the course of this bull-in-a-china-shop two-year spiel," Samantha told the outlet.

Interestingly, Samantha's reasoning is on par with what Campbell had to say; she insinuated that the things that Meghan told Oprah were lies. "I mean, nothing about any of this has been honest, and the damage to the royals has been massive," Samantha added. Meghan told Oprah that she doesn't really have a relationship with Samantha at all, according to Us Weekly. During a March 2021 interview with Australia's "Fifi, Fev and Nick" Samantha admitted that she hasn't seen Meghan since 2008. And while that hasn't stopped Samantha from weighing in on Meghan's life, it does suggest that perhaps she's not as dialed in to her half-sister's life as she lets on.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry appear to have a strong bond

Despite Lady Colin Campbell's claims to Page Six, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry appear to have a very strong bond. Although Meghan didn't travel to the UK with Harry after Prince Philip died, she made sure that Harry knew that she respected his grandfather. The couple had a special wreath made for the funeral service, according to Us Weekly. The wreath was crafted using specific flowers to represent various parts of Philip's life, including, for example, Acanthus mollis, which is the national flower of Greece, Philip's home country. However, Meghan went above and beyond to personalize the arrangement, adding a handwritten note. According to People, Meghan watched Philip's funeral from her home in Montecito, California, but her thoughtfulness likely didn't go unnoticed. 

Other signs that Meghan and Harry are doing just fine came during the aforementioned Oprah Winfrey interview. The couple seemed very in tune with one another, and Harry seemed absolutely thrilled to be expecting a baby girl with his wife. According to CBS, even the moments before the gender reveal were sweet, as Harry and Meghan "playfully argued" over who would break the news. It doesn't sound like there's any trouble in paradise yet, but only time will tell.