The Truth About Prophet Lott & Latoya's Relationship On RHOA

Although the Real Housewives of Atlanta is supposed to be all about the women, Season 13 revolved around two men: Bolo, the stripper, and Prophet Lott, a celeb spiritual advisor, who reportedly might have had an intimate relationship with new castmate, LaToya Ali. It all came up when cast member Drew Sidora said that she had asked her friend, Prophet Lott, to officiate her kid's baptism. But after hearing that he might have been cavorting with LaToya, with whom she battled all season, Drew told Lott she felt it was inappropriate to have him at the ceremony, per People

Drew then promptly turned on LaToya, claiming that she went looking for "Prophet D," via another People report, despite still being married. LaToya is currently in the midst of a divorce from her husband, Adam Ali. "I'm not going to sugar coat things and say this has been easy," the Canadian YouTube star said in a video (via Trending Now UK). "Divorce is incredibly difficult, but the silver lining is that the journey to this decision has made me stronger and has helped me blossom into the woman I am today." 

So are Latoya and Prophet Lott an item or what? 

Drew & LaToya went head to head in the finale

In the Season 13 finale of Real Housewives of Atlanta, these accusations come to a head. Drew Sidora shared a recording with the women at Cynthia Bailey's Christmas party between her assistant Danny and Prophet Lott. "Do I like her? I really do like her," Lott says of LaToya in the recording (via People). "She's an awesome person. But I know the situation 'cause I've been there. I met my 3-year-old's mom while I was still technically married." 

In the previous episode, he had also talked to Kandi Burrus on the phone and denied having any intimate relationship with LaToya, so it's not clear what's really up between the two of them. LaToya's ex, per Urban Belle Magazine, does allege that LaToya and Lott were an item, but his motives might not be so pure.

Meanwhile, LaToya didn't deny having a relationship with the Prophet, but she did say that he had been to her house and claimed that nothing shameful was going on, given her ongoing divorce. Many of the women also spoke up during the episode, questioning Drew's motives for making this all a Thing™ and defending LaToya's right to do whatever she wants with whatever man she chooses. Meanwhile, it looks like she's doing just that. On Instagram, it appears that LaToya has a new boo, celeb fitness trainer Von Rhe', and she claims their bond is "unbreakable." Maybe he can come clear things up at the Season 13 reunion.