Why Temptation Island's Kaci Campbell Wants To 'Separate' Herself From The Show

"Temptation Island" star Kaci Campbell is trying to distance herself from the show that catapulted her to fame, and for good reason. While speaking with Reality Steve on the April 22 episode of his podcast, the reality star revealed that she is starting a podcast of her own called, "My Living Room Couch," and she hopes her new endeavor will help fans start to see her as an individual as opposed to a cast member. 

"I kinda made it known on my social media and stuff 'cause I have a pretty large following — not like gigantic, but I do have a little following — and most of it's from TI and that's awesome I'm so thankful for that," she told the host, however, she feels like her fan base doesn't actually know her thanks to her "Temptation Island" persona. "Like when people meet me in person they're like, 'We did not expect you to be like that.' So I just wanna reintroduce myself." Keep scrolling to see the real reason Kaci wants to leave "Temptation Island" in her past.

Kaci Campbell is ready to be her own brand

Although Kaci Campbell is grateful for "Temptation Island" for giving her a jumpstart into the limelight, she's over being known as a girl from a reality show when she has so much more to offer. "We're going into three years later and it's like I'm doing everything I can to separate myself and it's hard because that's what everyone knows me from," Kaci shared on the podcast, adding, "I keep getting asked to do like promo for new seasons and stuff." However, Kaci has no interest in reminding people of her start. 

With the help of her own podcast, she's hoping to shed light on the person she truly is outside of reality TV. "My first episode is basically just gonna be kinda rebranding and like re-introducing me and lots of people have assumptions about who I am and what I'm about just based on the show and I think you've learned that I'm not like that at all," she said to Reality Steve who agreed. 

"I do want a large portion of it to be about mental health," she revealed about the show's theme. "I feel like I have the voice to share it with people and talk to people and inspire people to be their best selves," she added. It sounds like her podcast is going to be a must-listen!