How Much Is Aya Cash Actually Worth?

Aya Cash is one of those actors that you see in all different sorts of projects. After starring as Gretchen in the critically acclaimed series "You're The Worst," Cash has also starred in "The Boys," "Scare Me," "The Wolf of Wall Street," "First Lady," among others, in addition to a plethora of film and stage roles. She's been in the business since graduating from the University of Minnesota's Guthrie Theater Actor Training Program in 2004, when she moved to New York City to try to make it big. 

As you can guess, it wasn't easy. "So, you know, there's a certain romance to New York in my head, and I wasn't afraid of being poor. My family didn't have money, and I was taught that that was part of what being an artist was. So I was like, okay, I'll be poor and waitress in New York," she explained to GQ about that phase of her life. "Of course, it's all relative, and my 'poor' is still the entitled kind of poor. I wasn't food insecure. But I didn't have much money, and I was working as a full-time waitress for, actually, many years. And then I got a play in New York, and that sort of changed my life. I guess I was still waitressing after I was doing the play. But my career kind of took a turn from there." 

Her career definitely took a turn — and so did her bank account. 

Sometimes Aya Cash wants to quit acting for good

Aya Cash will likely never have to wait tables again in her life. The actor, who is married to producer Josh Alexander, is reportedly worth $1 million, per Super Stars Bio. Although her salary for "You're The Worst," the show that really made her a mainstream name, is unknown, she likely made at least around $15,000 per episode, per The Hollywood Reporter, and even more as the series was noticed by critics and the cast won awards for their work on it. So she's not totally loaded, but with all of her upcoming projects under her belt, she's not going broke anytime soon. 

For balance, her husband is reportedly worth just under $4 million, per TV Guide Time, so their lifestyle is better than most. Still, Cash said that while she may be "famous," she's not getting roles without some amount of struggle. "Even though I'm on a show that I love with people that I love—I have basically the dream job—that doesn't mean I'm not getting rejected on a daily basis," she told Interview. 'Sometimes I decide, "You know what, maybe I just want a different kind of life. Maybe I want to open an antique store and coffee shop, and have a different kind of life.'"

If she does decide to make that leap someday, at least she has the bank account to back it up.