Who Is Fredrik Eklund From Million Dollar Listing: New York And What's His Net Worth?

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Fredrik Eklund is a major player in the real estate game and a key cast member on "Million Dollar Listing: New York." He has quite a unique life story, and his net worth today isn't too shabby either!

According to The New York Times, Fredrik is originally from Sweden. His family is notable there and connected to the royal family — oh, and some prime ministers, too. His life took a brief but buzz-worthy turn when he did several adult films under the pseudonym Tag Eriksson. He was an entrepreneur during those days too, starting a music label, Cave Entertainment, per NYT, and the tech company Humany. Fredrik even wrote a book about his adult film experiences, and that was how he came out to his father, regarding both his brief film career and his sexuality. "It was never about the movies themselves, it was about the journey a young Swedish man goes through," Frederik told NYT. 

According to Inc., Fredrik briefly attended a Swedish business school, but in 2004, dropped out and moved to New York. As his Bravo profile shared, he first visited the area at the age of 10. Then, at 25, he decided it was time to live there. Despite his family's prominence back home, Fredrik started with very little, sharing an apartment with three "fellow Sweeds," per Inc., and selling paninis to squeak by and making "$40 a day." A friend suggested he try real estate, so he took a licensing class and dove into it...

Fredrik Eklund's knack for real estate paid off

Fredrik Eklund quickly built a massive empire. He had $50 million in sales during his first year in real estate, as Bravo detailed. In addition, per the network, "his team has closed more than $15 billion in residential sales" and is "constantly setting records." According to Celebrity Net Worth, the "Million Dollar Listing: New York" star is worth $30 million today. "The more I pulled my guard down, the more successful I became," he told Inc. "to feel successful, you have to present yourself in an honest way.

In 2013, Fredrik married Derek Kaplan and they welcomed twins Fredrick Jr. and Milla via surrogate in 2017. The family splits their time between New York City and Los Angeles, Calif., living a relatively low-key life when not filming "Million Dollar Listing: New York." In 2021, they picked up a Los Angeles, Calif. mansion for $7.043 million. In March, he revealed he'd worked through issues with alcohol addiction and had been sober for 160 days. "The world is huge and full of possibilities," Fredrik wrote on Instagram, detailing his journey with sobriety. "I don't worry about the future like I used to."

Fredrik's story is a fascinating one. And as a result of his work ethic, he's a wealthy man! 

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