Why Jill Biden Was The Real Star At Biden's Address

It may have been President Joe Biden at the helm of the podium during his first presidential address to congress, but it was his wife and first lady, Dr. Jill Biden, who stole the show!

While many were relishing in the historical importance of the moment, including one Twitter user who wrote, "I don't know about you guys but I'm so proud right now in what WE accomplished. I feel so honored to see our President @JoeBiden, our first lady Dr. Jill Biden, our @VP Kamala Harris and the honorable @SpeakerPelosi. Not since president @BarackObama have I felt so moved," others were simply too focused on the presence of the first lady to think about anything else.

Keep reading to learn what all of the viewers on Twitter had to say about FLOTUS and the dazzling navy sheath dress she arrived in at her husband's first presidential address to congress!

Jill Biden made a statement in her navy sheath dress

After just one glimpse of first lady Jill Biden donning a navy dress with floral appliqué, Twitter lit up like a Christmas tree with various users giving their commentary. 

One user penned a tweet that read, "First Lady Jill Biden didn't come to play." Meanwhile another user minced no words, confessing in a tweet that their most pressing questions about the event centered on the first lady's dress. "So, yeah, it's a presidential address to a joint session of congress and using it as a look book is totally missing the point, but I want Jill Biden's dress anyway." Another user paid homage to the first lady's uncanny ability to pair a mask with her outfit. "Jill Biden has mastered the art of the mask as an accessory," the tweet read.

Still, it appears not everyone was enamored with the first lady's fashion choice. "Why in gods name is Jill Biden wearing the drapes from my grandmothers sitting room????" the Twitter user wrote. Yikes! Them's fighting words!