What Ariel Winter's Boyfriend Really Thinks About Working Closely With Her - Exclusive

A quick look at her Instagram account makes it clear that "Modern Family" star Ariel Winter is seriously loved-up with actor Luke Benward. From their ridiculously cute family of dogs to their PDA-filled Instagram snaps, Winter and Benward's relationship seems to have only gotten stronger in recent months. And now Benward, who is currently promoting his new movie "Wildcat," has opened up about what it's really like to work with his beau, who is a producer as well as an actor.

Benward's new movie "Wildcat" is a tense thriller in which a journalist gets taken hostage while on assignment in the Middle East. Benward, who has starred alongside some of Hollywood's biggest stars like Melissa McCarthy and Jennifer Aniston, plays a soldier in the movie, who is also being held captive. In an exclusive interview with Nicki Swift, Benward makes it clear that he's ready to take on even more challenging roles like "Wildcat," and he'll be doing so with Winter right by his side.

Ariel Winter and Luke Benward are the perfect team

Luke Benward and Ariel Winter have a working relationship, as well as a romantic relationship, and the "Wildcat" star is excited about creating more art with his girlfriend in the future. Speaking to Nicki Swift about working with Winter on their forthcoming project, a Zoom movie called "Don't Log Off," Benward explained, "Oh, it was awesome. It was awesome, yeah. We also produced it. We worked very closely in all facets." 

As for what Benward and Winter bring to the table as producing partners, the "Dumplin'" star said, "I'm very the creative energy of like, it's all going to work out. She is an incredible producer, all the details taken care of. I would literally be up s**t's creek without a paddle without her, so it's been great." And Benward plans on working with Winter for the forseeable future. "We're producing a couple more that we're trying to get off the ground right now, and out to some talent," he revealed. "I've also written a couple of scripts that we're shopping around, and I have a short I directed that she produced."

Clearly, Benward and Winter are a match made in Hollywood heaven.

"Wildcat" hit select theaters on April 23, and is now available on Digital and On Demand from April 27.