What We Know About Justin Bieber's Collaboration With BTS

Calling all Belieber and ARMY fans! New music is coming from both of your favorite artists. Headlines swirled in April 2021 that Justin Bieber is in the works to collaborate with the Korean pop boy band, BTS. This means that for fans a chart-climbing hit is evident in the near future.

Both Bieber and BTS are known for putting out record-breaking music, so when we put these artists together, we can only assume something musically great will come of it. Outlets, such as Page Six, are already calling the collab essentially a ticking "pop-bomb," since "two luminaries of teen pop" will be meshing their talents to create a gem-of-all-gems bop. [insert party-face emoji here]

Whether you're a fan of Bieber, K-pop, or even both, we decided to do some digging to find out exactly what is going on with this upcoming collaboration. Keep reading to find out everything we know about this exciting news. 

The collab may be for a 'deluxe release' of Justin Bieber's Justice album

A source close to both Justin Bieber and the boy band group, BTS told Page Six exclusively that the artists are working together on an upcoming pop song. They told the outlet, "They are taking their time on it and going to make sure it is released right."

The insider continued to back the statement, with Page Six reporting that the source "speculates the track could be part of a deluxe release of [Bieber's recently released album] 'Justice' to keep the album on the charts." Bieber's "Justice" album is the Canadian-American singer's sixth LP, which dropped in March of 2021, per Rolling Stone. Since the release of "Justice," the album has already reached number one on the Billboard 200 Chart, making it Bieber's eighth No. 1 album. 

So, if this collaboration is true, we can bank on the pop track to also climb the charts — considering not only Bieber's following, but also, BTS' one-of-a-kind fan base