What's Really Going On With Taika Waititi And Rita Ora?

Rita Ora, the songbird with the golden voice, and director Taika Waititi are both in Australia. Both are pretty busy with their respective projects, yet rumors abound as far as these two are concerned. Could there be something underfoot? Ora arrived Down Under in February because she's appearing as a judge on "The Voice Australia." She arrived ahead of schedule and took advantage of the country's fabulous beaches, per Metro. She was seen cavorting in the ocean and soaking in the summer sun.

Ora has kept herself busy even though she's in a foreign country. The "Let You Love Me" singer has also been spotted with some cast members of the new "Thor: Love and Thunder." Some even believe that she may be making a cameo appearance in the flick. Waititi, who directed "Thor: Ragnarok," is also directing the new Avengers movie. Since Ora has been seen running with the Thor crowd, she's also been seen with Waititi. Is the connection between them strictly professional, or is there more to the story? 

Rita Ora sets tongues wagging

Rita Ora herself opened Pandora's box when she took to social media. She shared a multi-image Instagram post with her followers, captioning the share, "Good times, memories, random things on my phone and the ones I love." Among the images, was a snap of her and the 45-year-old Taika Waititi hugging. Of course, the shot was enough to set tongues wagging. 

"They've been a couple since early March but kept things low key," an unnamed source alleged to The Sun. The source seems to be indicating that the singer and director don't want the spotlight on them. After all, a one-month relationship is still very new. They added, "However, all their friends know about the relationship — they're really into each other." Seems as if sparks may be flying Down Under as they get to know each other away from the ever-present Hollywood glare. Ora and Waititi may have found love far away from home if all sources are to be believed. And if they're making each other happy, that can only get the creative juices flowing, right?