Ashley Jones' Net Worth: How Much Is The Teen Mom 2 Star Worth?

"Teen Mom 2" is getting a new cast member, and she's already part of the MTV family.

Sources confirmed to People in December 2020 that Ashley Jones would be leaving "Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant" to instead join the cast of "Teen Mom 2." The reality star first stepped in front of the camera in 2018 as a young teen when she gave birth to her daughter Holly. In "Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant," Ashley let fans in on her relationship with Bariki Smith, whom she has since become engaged to.

Ashley and Bariki's relationship has been far from smooth. The couple broke off their first engagement in Season 1 of "Young + Pregnant," but seemingly reconciled according to Bariki's Instagram. With a now 3-year-old daughter and fiancé by her side, Ashley has quite the journey to share with "Teen Mom 2" fans and might be able to look forward to a bigger paycheck.

Ashley Jones made $500 per episode on Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant

At the young age of 21, Ashley Jones found herself pregnant and was fittingly cast in MTV's "Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant." The show proved somewhat beneficial for her, despite the ups and downs of her relationship being broadcast for viewers to see.

According to Mommy Things, the reality star made about $500 per episode of the MTV reality series for two seasons. Luckily for us, the outlet did the math making Ashley's net worth at least $30,000. Three years after documenting her pregnancy on MTV, Ashley now owns a skincare line called Sirens Arch and her own jewelry business on Etsy, according to TV Overmind

The reality star has also racked up quite the social following, with over 400,000 followers. As if starring in MTV's "Teen Mom 2," running a jewelry and skincare line, and raising a daughter wasn't enough, Ashley also hosts a podcast called "I Need Wine." All in all, we have no doubt the "Teen Mom" star is bringing in the bank from every direction.