How Much Is Jalaiah Harmon Actually Worth?

With social media being a big part of our culture, it has become increasingly easy for ordinary people to showcase their talents on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. But getting popular takes a lot of hard work, determination, and sometimes even controversy. This is exactly what happened to TikToker Jalaiah Harmon — a dancer from Fayetteville, Georgia — who had to fight to get her dance moves credited after other well-known dancers like Charli D'Amelio co-opted her creation called The Renegade in late 2019. Celebrities like Lizzo and Alex Rodriguez also hopped on the bandwagon and posted their own spin on the dance move, but like millions of other people, did not credit Harmon for inventing it, according to Teen Vogue.

The lack of credit prompted Harmon to tell her story to The New York Times, which blew up and put the focus back on the dancer. "I was happy when I saw my dance all over, but I wanted credit for it," Harmon told the outlet. The profile did not only give Harmon a chance to reclaim ownership of her dance move, but also gave her more money-making opportunities. So how much is Harmon actually worth? Find out below.

Jalaiah Harmon has several brand deals with big companies

While Jalaiah Harmon has rightfully made it big after the Renegade controversy, she has not publicly revealed how much she's made, though, online sources like Millions of Celebs have estimated that she's worth $100,000. This figure may be lower than expected as Harmon has inked several brand deals with big companies since the New York Times profile was published.

According to Forbes, Harmon has brand deals with Samsung, Prada, Bloomingdale's, and Netflix. She also appeared as a performer at the 2020 NBA All-Star Game and on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." In addition to her brand deals, Harmon has a significant following on TikTok, which adds to her bank account. Refinery29 reports that top TikTokers make around $200,000 per post so Harmon would be making more or less in that range. Though with Harmon's talent and following, her net worth is expected to grow in the upcoming years.