Rebel Wilson Opens Up About Her Fertility Struggles

Rebel Wilson got candid about her fertility struggles in a new Instagram post uploaded on May 2. The "Pitch Perfect" actress has been on a health journey of sorts, determined to lose weight and to get into better shape. Wilson has been documenting her weight loss and fitness journey on Instagram for about a year. Back in February, Wilson told People magazine that she had lost 60 pounds. "My goal was never to be skinny. I don't focus too much on the numbers. I still look like me. I love being curvy and I'm still super curvy but just a healthier version. That was my goal," she told the outlet. She went on to say "I just try to encourage everyone to be the healthiest version of themselves. That doesn't necessarily mean being smaller in size, it just means not engaging in unhealthy behaviors. I like to think I look good at all sizes."

Two months earlier, Wilson did an Instagram Live in which she told her fans that she had decided to freeze her eggs. At the time, Wilson was 40-years-old, and she had been thinking of preparing for her future. "So, I was thinking fertility and having quality eggs in the bank. I was like, 'OK, I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna get healthy,'" she said. Five months have gone by since that Live, and Wilson has decided to share some new information about her fertility with fans. Keep reading to find out what she had to say.

Rebel Wilson revealed that she received some 'bad news'

In a very solemn Instagram post, Rebel Wilson revealed that she had received some "bad news." The "Pooch Perfect" star explained that she "didn't have anyone to share it with," adding "but I guess I gotta tell someone." The photo that accompanied Wilson's caption featured her standing on some large rocks on what appeared to be a beach. She wore a black zip-up, hooded sweatshirt and a pair of black pants. She was looking down, away from the camera, with a sad expression on her face.

"To all the women out there struggling with fertility, I feel ya. The universe works in mysterious ways and sometimes it all doesn't make sense...but I hope there's light about to shine through all the dark clouds," Wilson's Instagram caption continued. The actress received a great amount of support in the comments section of the post, with many social media users sympathizing with what she is going through. She did not elaborate further, but it's clear that she's struggling with the news that she received. Fans seem hopeful that Wilson will overcome these fertility struggles, and that she will be able to become a mom when the time in her life is right.