Inside Channing Tatum's Unexpected New Gig

Channing Tatum is venturing out of his acting career into an unexpected new gig. The actor — who shot to fame, thanks to his roles in 2005's "Coach Carter" and 2006's "She's the Man" and "Step Up" — has solidified his place in Hollywood as one of the Sexiest Men Alive. One of Tatum's biggest films "Magic Mike" was loosely based on the actor's own coming-up story from his days stripping before making it big in Hollywood. Tatum produced and starred in the film that made millions in the box office.

The actor branched out further in 2020, directing his first film "Dog" and embracing his new life as a single father of his daughter Everly. "I was really nervous when I became a single dad, and having to raise a little girl, not being able to have the resource of a woman there to be able to lean into how to relate to her as she grows up," Tatum said to People. "I literally went to YouTube and learned how to braid hair."

The "Dear John" actor revealed during his time at home quarantining from the COVID-19 pandemic, he found plenty of time to spend with his daughter "riding dirt bikes every day and playing outside." The quality daddy-daughter time proved beneficial for Tatum in other ways, who was inspired into his new venture as an author.

Channing Tatum was inspired by his daughter

That's right, the actor who stole the hearts of fans in "The Vow" and made millions laugh in "21 Jump Street" is now a children's book author. Channing Tatum wrote his first children's book "The One and Only Sparkella" inspired by his daughter Everly. "It wasn't like I had this giant idea that I wanted to write a kids' book," Tatum told People magazine. "It was just something that I noticed in my daughter, watching her for the very first time become self-conscious."

The actor revealed his daughter Everly "would wear a cape that, when you held your arms out, you [looked like] a slice of watermelon, and it was one of her favorites." He explained, "But she didn't want to wear it to school, and when I asked her why, she said, 'I don't want to get made fun of.' So I wanted to make this little story about this girl who is very unique and really likes to shine."

Tatum continued, "A lot [in the book] is stuff that Evie and I do. Like I do call her 'Glitter Poop.'" The actor opened up to People about fatherhood, admitting that sometimes he wears a tutu, paints his nails or puts on a little blush to make his daughter happy. "Just play — you'll be rewarded with love," said the actor.