How Much Is John Miller Actually Worth?

John Miller might be the successful chairman and CEO of Cali Group, but before he was creating fast food technology, he studied at University of Redlands and Stanford Law School, according to Information Cradle. He is also a lawyer and was part of the California Bar in the Northern District of California.

In addition to his law career, he contributed to publications dealing with nanotechnologies, according to his Cali Group bio. Miller is also a dad to a son and daughter with ex-wife Caroline Campbell, who he was married to from 2005-2014, per Information Cradle.

Miller is back in the spotlight due to his on-again relationship with actor Jennifer Garner. The pair split in late 2020, but are ready to give their relationship another shot, according to Us Weekly. "Jen and John are back on," a source said. "It started up a few weeks ago."

Now that Miller is once again making headlines, fans might be curious as to how much he is really worth. Keep reading for more details.

John Miller has a lot of money in the bank

John Miller is worth an estimated $16 million, per Information Cradle, while Gossip Gist claims he is worth anywhere between $15 million to $20 million. From 2004-2010, he was the "vice president of intellectual property" at Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals, per Informational Cradle. He also co-authored the book "The Handbook of Nanotechnology: Business, Policy, and Intellectual Property Law."

But his biggest venture is the 2011 foundation of Cali Group, a technology-based company with a focus on CaliBurger, a new type of burger joint. According to their website, "CaliBurger provides a premium quality burger experience at an accessible price point." In addition to burgers, CaliBurger also offers chicken, vegetables, milkshakes, in-house sauces, and "zero trans-fat oils." Miller introduced the innovative "Flippy the Robot" in 2018 as a way to flip burgers more quickly. Their kiosk also has facial recognition technology to enhance the checkout process, according to Nation's Restaurant News. Miller was excited about the update, telling the outlet, "What we have learned is that customers love it, and it's had a real operational impact on the restaurant."

However, Miller's financial success also hit some snags. In 2012, In-N-Out Burger sued CaliBurger "for selling 'Animal Style' fries and serving milkshakes in palm-tree-print cups," per Information Cradle. CaliBurger changed their menu and decor once the lawsuit wrapped up.

Although Miller and his ex-wife divorced in 2014, it was not finalized until 2018, per Us Weekly. He also pays child support, which could be costly.