How Many Times Has Queen Elizabeth Visited America?

Queen Elizabeth II is a world traveler, as she's made thousands of appearances since taking the throne in 1952, according to Reuters. Because of her status, she cannot just hop in a car and drive to her destination — there are certain royal protocols in place.

The queen is reportedly a fan of taking the train, regularly boarding at King's Cross in London and disembarking at Norfolk's King's Lynn station to kick off her Christmas break every year, per Town & Country. Elizabeth also has two helicopters in operation in case she wants to avoid traffic. If the queen is traveling by car, however, she prefers her Bentley State Limousine.

When it comes to traveling, the queen takes a few items to make her journey more pleasant. Elizabeth reportedly never travels without barley sugar candies to combat jet lag, per The Independent. She packs a black outfit in case of tragedy, and even brings along her own toilet paper, according to The Telegraph. Outfit choices are also important, so the queen reportedly packs around 30 options. She has also used the same suitcases since 1947 and writes "The Queen" on her luggage tags, per The Express.

Although the queen scaled back her traveling schedule due to coronavirus restrictions, have you ever wondered how many times she visited America? Keep reading for more details.

Queen Elizabeth II visited the United States six times

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip made six visits total to the United States, according to The Newport Daily News. A notable visit included the Bicentennial Celebration in July 1976 where they met president Gerald Ford and his wife Betty in Newport, Rhode Island. During their seven-day tour, the queen and Philip also stopped in Philadelphia and Boston.

She made numerous other visits to America, per the White House archives. Her first visit was in 1951 with the late Duke of Edinburgh before she became queen. The White House was due for some upgrades at the time, so she stayed with President Harry Truman and his family. Her next visit came in 1957, "to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the first permanent English settlement at Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607." In true royal fashion, she traveled by motorcade as hundreds lined the streets in poor weather to catch a glimpse of the queen.

Elizabeth also visited America in 1983, this time at President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan's Rancho Del Cielo in Santa Barbara, California. The queen ditched her traditional tea for enchiladas and refried beans, and later enjoyed a state dinner in San Francisco. She crossed the pond yet again in 1991 and planted a tree on the South Lawn of the White House. In 2007, she returned for the 400th anniversary of the English settlement in Jamestown. She also visited the World War II Memorial with President Bush and his father George H.W. Bush. Perhaps she will hop the pond again when she can safely travel once more.