The Hilarious Reason Chanel West Coast Is Defending Ridiculousness

MTV's "Ridiculousness" brought Chanel West Coast into the spotlight and even turned her into a household name. Now, she's defending the comedy show for a hilarious reason: People are calling out MTV for playing so many reruns of it.

While folks have been talking about it for a while, viewers banded together on Twitter in late April to air their grievances against MTV for not switching up its broadcast schedule. "Turned on MTV and as usual, Ridiculousness is on," one fan tweeted with a laughing and palm-in-the-face emoji. Another wrote, "I found mtv and ridiculousness has been playing ever since." Meanwhile, an originally doubtful fan posted a screenshot of MTV's schedule in disbelief that it consisted mostly of "Ridiculousness" reruns.

In a May 5 interview on Down by the River, Chanel responded to fans confused about the constant reruns and said the show has simply been lucky. "I think we just got really blessed with this pocket of being during the pandemic. MTV was like, 'We can't start up a bunch of new shows right now, but we have this going,'" she explained. Plus, she said "Ridiculousness" is "much easier to shoot through a pandemic" due to its small cast and set that allows social distancing. "I think that we just got really blessed and in these times to get way more episodes because it's an easy show to shoot," she concluded.

Despite feeling "blessed" to have such a successful show, Chanel admitted that it wasn't always ideal for her personal goals. Here's why.

Chanel West Coast says her other career goals have fallen behind Ridiculousness

Although Chanel West Coast is happy to defend "Ridiculousness," she did share on Down by the River that the show has taken a toll on the rest of her career aspirations.

"As you can see, we film a lot of episodes of 'Ridiculousness,' so you know it's been a little bit of a setback for me for really the rest of the career —for my music, acting — because we have a really crazy filming schedule," she said. "And per my contract, you know 'Ridiculousness' comes first, so everything I do has to pretty much work around that schedule," she continued. "But at the end of the day," she added, "you know I make it all work."

The rapper, actor, and model does indeed make it all work, because despite enduring such a demanding filming schedule, she was able to use her extra time in quarantine to finish her debut album "America's Sweetheart," which she released in October 2020. "I basically spent like all my spare time making music during the pandemic, and I was like, 'I'm gonna use this time wisely' and just, you know, perfect my craft," she explained. "And that's how I ended up finishing my album."

Chanel also said she would love to work with Lil Wayne or Gwen Stefani, so it seems that she will keep grinding on her music while also being a staple to MTV.