Did Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Just Go On A Secret Getaway?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been keeping fans guessing about their relationship status, and it looks like that's not ending anytime soon.

Affleck and Lopez have a pretty long history together — one that dates back all the way to 2002, in fact. The two actors met on the set of "Gigli," and though the film wasn't such a hit, "Bennifer" certainly took off from there. According to Us Weekly, the duo was engaged by the end of 2002, but by 2003, just days before their wedding, they called off the engagement but remained together. Just a few months later, however, Bennifer was over for good.

Now, fast-forward to 2021. Over the years, both Affleck and Lopez had moved on with different relationships, and their most recent ones — a year-long fling with Ana de Armas and an engagement to Alex Rodriguez, respectively — both came to an end at conveniently similar times. In light of both actors being single, it seemed that they were possibly spending time together once again.

On April 30, Page Six first reported that Affleck was spotted going to Lopez's Los Angeles mansion multiple times during the day, though they weren't officially spotted together. As rumors began to swirl, Page Six's source was quick to confirm that the two were just friends. 

Just over a week after initial rumors began gaining traction, Affleck and Lopez may have just had another secret meet-up together — keep reading to learn where they were spotted.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are apparently vacationing together in Montana

While Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were rumored to be meeting up at her L.A. mansion, it seems that the duo has found a new vacation spot.

According to TMZ, Affleck and Lopez were spotted at the Big Sky Resort in Montana, and were apparently staying in the same resort. After their getaway in Montana, they apparently flew back to L.A. together as well, even taking a car back to Lopez's Bel-Air house. A source who was at the resort in Montana told TMZ that the two "seemed very much like a couple."

While sources remain adamant that the two are just friends, their vacation certainly intensifies rumors of their sparking up a new romance. Of course, they have both gone through difficult breakups over the years and even just within the past few months, so it's also possible that they are enjoying each other's friendly company. Only time will tell when and if the duo will be spotted together again!