Little People, Big World: What Is Jeremy And Audrey Roloff's Net Worth?

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Jeremy Roloff was a fixture (a handsome fixture, at that) of TLC's "Little People, Big World" for years. He married his sweetheart Audrey Botti in front of the cameras, and fans got to follow along with their first pregnancy too. Thanks in large part to that exposure, the couple has accrued an impressive net worth! But just how impressive?

According to IMDB, Jeremy first appeared on his family's show when it debuted back in 2006. During Season 1, he was in high school and living on the large Oregon farm that his parents, Matt and Amy Roloff, bought and developed. Jeremy's twin brother Zach was heavily featured on the series, as was his younger brother Jacob. Sister Molly appeared on-and-off over the years. Then, in July 2018, Jeremy and wife Audrey revealed on (where else but) Instagram that they had decided to step away from "LPBW." They had a good run!

Jeremy met Audrey in 2010. A blind date led to the two becoming friends and eventually, dating long-distance. They tied the knot in September 2014, and their two children Bode James Roloff and Ember Jean Roloff (who are all over Audrey's adorable Instagram) followed soon after. Now, "Jer" and "Auj" (as they're widely known) seem hooked on each other, and even though they've said goodbye to "LPBW," their net worth is today is as solid as their seemingly perfect marriage. Scroll down to see what it is.

Jeremy and Audrey spun their TV stint into business gold

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff stayed involved with "Little People, Big World" until 2018. Before their departure, Jeremy had appeared in over 250 episodes, per IMDB. More than 2.3 million fans tuned in to see Jeremy and Audrey get married during a special episode of "LPBW," per ScreenRant, and it's been estimated that reality television families like the Roloffs likely earn around $10,000 per episode, according to In Touch. Given that, Jeremy and Audrey likely walked away from the show having earned a nice amount of money. But they didn't stop there!

Jeremy and Audrey took their reality television fame and have transitioned it into an impressive business and brand. The starry-eyed pair have since rolled out their own online store, and sell a range of products that fit nicely into the lifestyle they present. Their journals, books, and sweatshirts look like Audrey's Instagram page come to life! Meanwhile, Jeremy (who attended California's Brooks Institute of Photography after high school), has utilized his photography chops to offer photo editing presets for sale via his website as well. Smart! The couple also developed a podcast titled "Behind the Scenes," and they've published three books. Their 2019 book, "A Love Letter Life," has sold more than 100,000 copies.

Jeremy and Audrey purchased a picturesque, four-bedroom home in Oregon, in 2017 for $465,000, per The Sun. In total, per Celebrity Net Worth, their net worth is estimated to be around $700,000.