Royal Expert Make This Prediction About Harry And Meghan's New Baby

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are set to welcome their second child — a girl — this summer, and they seemingly can't wait. Meghan opened up about her daughter's upcoming arrival at "Global Citizen's Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World," and it's clear she has high hopes for her little one (to put it lightly). "When we think of her, we think of all the young women and girls around the globe who must be given the ability and support to lead us forward," she said during a virtual speech, per Us Weekly. "Their future leadership depends on the decisions we make and the actions we take now to set them up and to set all of us up for a successful, equitable, and compassionate tomorrow."

Even Harry seemed excited, telling CBS News in March, "To have a boy and then a girl, what more could you ask for? Now we've got our family, the four of us and our two dogs. It's great." Aw! Meanwhile, now that Meghan is further along in her pregnancy, "Harry's extremely protective and doesn't want her overdoing it," a source recently told Us Weekly about the Duchess of Sussex's "low-key," as the source put it, Mother's Day.

As Meghan gets closer to her due date, a royal expert believes Meghan and Harry's new addition will be significant for the royal family. Keep reading for more details.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's addition could unify the royals

Could the arrival of a new addition for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry put a stop to the feuding in the royal family? Royal expert Nick Bullen believes so. "The birth of a baby is always a great unifier for a family and I'm sure all sides of the Sussex family will want to celebrate with Harry and Meghan," the expert told Us Weekly in May. "I think you can be absolutely certain that Harry and Meghan will be jumping on a Zoom call to introduce Her Majesty to her 11th great-grandchild."

And if Meghan and Harry chose a certain middle name for the daughter, that might bring the family together even more. As royal author Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Weekly (via The Express), "they have probably got a very good idea of what they're going to call their little girl." "I absolutely think they will want to include Diana as perhaps one of the names for their little girl." She added, "Maybe not as her first name, but I'm sure it's very high up on the list in terms of a second Christian name. And I think that's quite simply because it would be for Harry a wonderful way to pay tribute to his mother."

Although Prince William and Kate Middleton's daughter Charlotte has Diana as her middle name, Nicholl said it doesn't, "preclude Harry and Meghan from doing exactly the same thing." Watch this (royal) space!