Why Taylor Swift's BRIT Awards Outfit Has Fans Going Wild

Taylor Swift fans are seeing "Red" in the best way possible.

Swift's May 11 post on Twitter and Instagram for the 2021 BRIT Awards have fans going wild because her outfit (seen below) is giving off "Red" vibes, which is her fourth studio album from 2012. In the two photos the "Folklore" singer shared, she is donning a longer hairdo with bangs. Of course, she completed the outfit with her signature winged eyeliner and red lips for a look that defined her "Red" era.

Swift is notorious for dropping "Easter eggs" about her upcoming projects, and fans quickly took the Pennsylvania native's look as a hint that she is either currently re-recording or has completed her "Red: Taylor's Version" album. "Red is coming!!!! Don't have any proof, but I also don't have any doubts," one fan tweeted with a side-by-side comparison of Swift's BRITs outfit and a photo from the "Red" album. Another wrote, "You can't tell me she isn't shooting the album cover for Red with this look."

Anyone even remotely concerned with the pop music industry is aware that Swift is re-recording her first six studio albums. She dropped her first remake, "Fearless: Taylor's Version," in April and is assumed to be busy working on the others. Naturally, fans have been analyzing any communication from Swift to try to discover what album will come next.

While many fans are convinced "Red: Taylor's Version" may be the next album released from Swift, some fans are torn. Here's why.

Some Taylor Swift fans think another album is on the way

Taylor Swift fans seem to be "happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time" over the singer's 2021 BRIT Awards outfit because while many agree that Swift's look screams "Red," some think her ensemble fits the "1989" album more.

Fans were buzzing in mid-April over the "Evermore" songstress' interview with Stephen Colbert because they thought she hinted that "1989: Taylor's Version" was due out next after name-dropping the album on "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert," per Entertainment Tonight. She also referenced the album's hit single "Shake it Off" and talked about New York, New York. The album starts with a song called "Welcome to New York."

Swift's supposed mixed signals from her BRIT Awards outfit have definitely left Swiftes perplexed, with one asking her to "have mercy" on her fans. Meanwhile, some fans hypothesized that she is working on both albums at once. "The 'Red' era hair and the '1989' inspired outfit I CAN'T COPE, 2 re-recordings at once?" one fan tweeted. Another shared the same sentiment, jokingly calling Swift "unhinged" for keeping her fans on their toes.

It looks like Swift's fans will have to wait a bit longer to get any sort of confirmation on what's next for the artist.