This Is How Harry Styles Just Surprised Fans Everywhere

Singer Harry Styles knows how to keep his fans happy. When he's not releasing Grammy Award-winning songs or filming movies with rumored girlfriend Olivia Wilde, he's apparently attending award shows. More specifically, Styles just attended The Brit Awards, where he was nominated for Best British Single for "Watermelon Sugar." Not only did Styles attend the awards, sending fans into a frenzy (more on that later), but he also won!

The former One Directioner surprised fans and Brit Award show viewers by taking to the stage after he won an award for his hit song "Watermelon Sugar." When accepting his award, Styles said, "I just continue to be baffled by moments like this and they make me more and more incredibly grateful to be able to get to do this job every day." He also mentioned his noteworthy appearance there specifically by adding, "I'm really happy to be here and proud to be celebrating British music tonight," before thanking his fans and seemingly those who helped the country during the pandemic.

While it's not shocking that the super talented Styles took home an award, it was a surprise that he attended the award show in person in the first place. And of course his fans were completely floored with many taking to Twitter to detail their excitement. One fan pretty much summed up what they were all feeling, tweeting, "I saw the podium and was like NO WAY HARRYS THERE AND THEN BOOM HE WAS THEEE AND I SCREAMED."

Harry Styles fans went wild over his surprise Brit Awards appearance

Harry Styles sent fans into a frenzy when they found out he was in attendance at the Brit Awards. Even though he was nominated and won for Best British Single for "Watermelon Sugar," some doubted that he would be there to accept the award in person. Yet they were pleasantly surprised to find out that the "Don't Worry Darling" star was in fact there in the flesh.

One fan took to Twitter to explain her excitement when realizing he was there, writing, "never has my heart stopped like when they showed the back of harrys head." Another  acknowledged what everyone was thinking, tweeting, "HARRYS HERE OMG??? I DIDNT EVEN KNOW HE WAS THERE." Another was quite literally knocked off her feet tweeting in part, "i tripped 2 times on the treadmill when harrys #BRITs photos dropped." One Twitter user even commented on how quickly Harry's appearance became trending, tweeting, "my whole tl (timeline): HARRYS THERE?!?!?!"

Others were equally as fascinated with Styles' The "Adore You" singer showed up in a patterned Gucci suit with a handbag in tow. One tweeted, "this outfit is going down in harrys fashion history." Another fan was just loving the whole ensemble, writing, "HARRYS SUIT. THE BAG. THE SHOES. EVERYTHING." Another didn't hold back their excitement, tweeting, "THE SUIT AND HIS HAIR AHHHHH IM SCREAMINGGG." 

It's clear that Styles is adored by his fans and his surprises will always go over well with them!